LG AI Chip is the first architecture of the company

LG AI Chip is the first architecture of the company

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More and more companies are interested in intelligent homes and are struggling to produce better smart products. The concept of the Internet of Things is key to this platform because each device is permanently connected to the global network.

LG revealed more details about its new architecture called AI Chip and as the name suggests uses artificial intelligence algorithms, reports TechRadar.

This processor is capable of processing various information, including high-resolution audio and video in offline mode. In this way, smart devices in our homes will be able to communicate even in the absence of a good Internet connection.

LG AI Chip uses a neural network that mimics the way the human brain works. In this way, our devices will have “digital eyes and ears”, allowing them to orient in space.

The new artificial intelligence processor will improve communication between gadgets and allow us to manage voice commands. The special algorithms will enable LG AI Chip to learn from user habits and be even more useful for every family member.

In addition, we will learn more about the first products that will benefit from the benefits of the new architecture of the company.

LG AI Chip is the first architecture of the company

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