Lenovo’s founder, Liu Shaunji, will leave the company

Lenovo’s founder, Liu Shaunji, will leave the company

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Lenovo has officially confirmed that one of the most important people in the company’s structure has brought the final determination to step down. It is Liu Shaunji, who despite being a great businessman, is the founder of the Chinese manufacturer.

Records reveal that he plans to step down as president of Legend Holdings, the controlling shareholder in Lenovo within a few days, reports Nike. The man who will succeed the founder of the company in his key position has already been elected.

In fact, this is Ning Ming, who is currently the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the holding company. In the future, he will take over the management of Legend Holdings.

A little-known fact is that the history of the Chinese giant began in 1984, when Liu Fujian founded the Legend Group with a capital of approximately $ 28,500. This happens with 10 colleagues from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Then in 2003. the name has been changed in Lenovo with the sole idea of ​​facilitating global expansion.

Just two years later, the acquisition of IBM PC’s business was over. This deal automatically makes Lenovo the third largest computer maker in the world.

Liu Shaunji has been steadily withdrawing from Lenovo’s daily activities since 2011. is no longer president of the Chinese giant. Lenovo is currently the largest PC maker in the world and has a 24.7% market share over the last quarter, surpassing HP and Dell.

Lenovo’s founder, Liu Shaunji, will leave the company

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