Lenovo Z6 Pro will be featured on April 23

Lenovo Z6 Pro will be featured on April 23

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Lenovo is preparing a premiere of a new smartphone that will focus on the highest-end price class. The model is called the Z6 Pro and promises to suggest a range of innovative features, including Hyper Video technology.

The device will be optimized for 5G technology and will operate under the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 control. The Chinese manufacturer now officially confirms that the Lenovo Z6 Pro official premiere will become a reality event on April 23.

The leading focus on the smartphone will enable mobile photography, as according to the data is almost certain, while the Z6 Pro will only have one camera in the rear part. Contrary to the content, it can record and play video in a variety of formats, including Super Slow Motion, Super Macro, Super Wide Angle, etc., communicates DigitalTrends. Consumers will be able to use a range of additional features and special effects, including enhanced shooting mode.

The analysts say that the Z6 Pro camera will be able to make 100-megapixel images. For the sake of regret, we are no longer in a position to officially announce the characteristics of this object.

Lenovo is seeking to provide us with unattended recording capabilities and utilize as much as possible the new mobile networks. The 5G technology delivers spectacular capabilities quickly and easily to share and stream video with high resolution from smartphones with Android.

Lenovo Z6 Pro will be featured on April 23

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