Lenovo is entering the market for gaming smartphones

Lenovo is entering the market for gaming smartphones

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Game lovers already have a variety of options that make smartphones specially optimized for gaming. Models like the Asus ROG Phone II and Razer Phone 2 offer an impressive combination of powerful hardware, high-resolution displays and even cool cameras.

Companies like Black Shark and Nubia are also very interested in this market segment and may soon be joined by Chinese giant Lenovo.

The company is likely to use its well-established brand Legion to compete with Asus and Razr in this niche market. Lenovo has already created a new Lego profile on the Weibo social network that will focus on gaming smartphones.

This is a confirmation of their plans to bet on that name to promote their future gaming smartphones, AndroidHeadlines reports. We still don’t know when to expect the premiere of such a market model.

Lenovo has not officially confirmed its plans, but it could happen as early as 2020. According to unconfirmed data, the company wants to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor in its first smart games.

Lenovo’s popularity in the Chinese market will surely contribute to the success of the device in the market, Now we will understand more details about Lenovo’s ideas to offer something different with its series of Android gaming smartphones and the Legion brand.

Lenovo is entering the market for gaming smartphones

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