Legit 1000 Naira online business to make naira online in Nigeria

Before you started searching for 1000 Naira online Business in Nigeria, it’s obvious your budget is around 1000Naira and you only wanted a real online business that can pay you daily,Weekly or Monthly with the little budget of yours.

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Some months ago, We wrote about how to make money online without spending money to start in Nigeria, Some of our readers could not make appropriate use of such, because they only want their earning in Naira currency not in Dollars or any other foreign currencies.

so we created another post here again, to show you how to make naira online in nigeria with the little investment of Around 1,000Naira.

Why Join Online Business to make naira online in nigeria {why not Dollars}

In most cases, After promoting some foreign online businesses , now you’ve successfully made some sales or probably completed an assigned task.

The main problem we Nigerians faces here is getting the money to be paid to our account especially when we’re newbies only searching for how to make naira online in Nigeria.

On reaching their payment threshold, all they request of you is your PayPal account, Payoneer Master Card, Skrill account, Etc . which you may not even have at the moment.

This becomes a problem to receiving our payout from some sorth of online business that pays in US dollars.

Even when you have PayPal account to receive funds in Nigeria, We all know “You cannot cashout PayPal funds to your Nigeria Bank account. instead you can only use them buy online or sell them to others who needed PayPal funds. that’s not really what we wanted from the start.

I love doing online businesses that pays in Naira and directly to my bank account, since this will be even more convenience to me and others looking for how to make Naira online in Nigeria.

Is there Really 1000 Naira Online Business In Nigeria?

Sure: There are lots of Online businesses in Nigeria were you can invest as low as 500Naira, While in some others you invest more.

Inventing the little money based on your budget is never the end. What makes every online business OK is when you work and get paid instantly and as swift as desired.

Because of the fact that many Nigerians are looking for , it makes some online fakers to create and setup some scamming websites were they can easily reap your hard earned money to satisfy their selfish desires.

Therefore , When recommending any online business to our blog readers, We first of all test, Confirm then we share.

The cost of our testing to find some real online businesses that pays in Naira with little investment has really made us loose some money online. But that’s just a duty we have offered to ourselves and we must do this to protect our blog readers from some online scammers.


Not quite long, i discovered a real online business in Nigeria which have been paying for sometimes now. Only that i wasn’t aware at first.

In this article, I will be showing you a real online business that pays in naira directly to your bank account.

1000 Naira online business in Nigeria (Blog9ja)

Blog9ja is a Nigerian news platform set up to share recent happenings around Nigeria.

The owner of Blog9ja been Strategic enough knows he can’t possibly promote this website alone to reach as many Nigerians as desired, so he set up Blog9ja Income platform to enable Blog9ja users earn money Online with ease while they read news, share on Facebook, Login to their Blog9ja account and comment online.

Hmmm that’s just an easy task which i think every Nigerian can easily do. Even the online kids can do that.

How Do i Join Blog9ja And how much to join?


To register account with Blog9ja is absolutely free. However, as a free blog9ja member, you can only read news and comment without making money to your account but to make money from your logins, Share and comments you will have to join Blog9ja premium membership.

To Join Blog9ja premium membership it will cost you just a token of 1,400Naira(One thousand four hundred Naira) . I think we all can afford that.

Want to learn More of How Blog9ja Works?

I already have written a good article to show my readers how Blog9ja premium membership works, How to register Blog9ja premium account, and how to make money online from Blog9ja to your bank account. Use below Links.

1000Naira online business was your search

Yap: You were only searching for 1000 naira online business in Nigeria before you stumbled on this page and now it’s 1,400 why?

If you already have 1k, i don’t think getting NGN400 to join a sure online business that will pay you in no time will be a problem.

What is your gain, if i recommend some fake online business to join with 1000Naira and at the end you could not earn back your capital not to talk of interest… All we do Is show you the best, and that’s what i just did.

Don’t ask me any question regarding this article. Kindly read from the links i shared above as they contains everything you need to know about Blog9ja income earning program.

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