Ultimate keywords research guide using KeywordsEverywhere tool

I have been so much pestered about writing an article on how to Keywords research on Android mobile phone so i have finally decided to share with you another article about doing keywords research with your phones.

Am Sure you can learn successful Blogging secrets through me, am also sure you can learn how to make money online with the help of my updates why not leave your email behind let me show you how.

Like i always say” What ever PC can do in Blogging mobile phones can do it too. If you’re waiting for PC before you start Blogging then you have your own excuse. I love helping mobile bloggers because i know how it feels been unable to do what you feels it’s right all because you’ve got no PC.

Though the internet are flooded with Lot’s of tutorials on how to use your mobile phone as an alternative to PC when it comes to Blogging related issues but the real informations are very hard to get. I won’t be writing much here instead i will go straight to the topic on how to do keywords research on Android mobile phone using Keywordseverywhere extension.

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But before in get started with my write ups let me quickly introduce keywords research to you knowingly that many reading this page are newbies.


Understanding Keywords research and Blogging

Every single page you read about successful Blogging online keeps talking about Keywords research and you’re always stucked at this point and you’re like “what’s keywords research all about”?

In a simple explanation, Keyword research simple means an act of finding easy to rank keywords in your niche.

Since the competition in almost every Blogging niche is high, The only way you can beat down your competitors is doing keywords research to find terms that people are using to make searches which very little or non of your competitors has written about.

The truth is that it takes more than just what the Pros Write online to understand keywords research. Am sure lot’s of you reading this page are aware of keywords research but even with that getting the right keywords with your keywords research tools becomes the problem again. But thank God you stumbled on this page.

People do talk about ranking online. and while some keep sharing testimonies of good search engine traffic you keep complaining of not getting google traffic…

SEO, SEO, SEO you keep reading about it online but you are still confused : To my understanding Getting google traffic all lies in finding Easy to rank keywords (others are just followers).

After doing your basic SEO settings the next SEO practice lies in the articles you publish on your blog. in that case you practice 96% of SEO while you only set 4% manually from your blog. Maybe installing Yoast SEO plugin and doing your google search console settings the right way and after that the rest goes to your contents. and that’s why you keep seeing the slang online “content is King” You don’t set SEO instead you do SEO.

In this article am going to show you how to get easy to rank keywords and how to use them wisely like SEO pro in your article. but before we get started let’s install the Keywordseverywhere extension which we shall be using in doing our research

How to install Keywordseverywhere extension in Android mobile phones

First of all, Keywordseverywhere.com is a free keywords research tool for PC users but i was able to find a way of installing the PC extension on Android device in favour of mobile bloggers. So before i explain any further let me show you how to install this PC add-on on your Android mobile device.

Steps to install Keywordseverywhere on Android device

Download and install Yandex Browser from Google paystore or you can download from Yandex Store directly here

Having installed your Yandex Browser, Launch the browser and Open this URL chrome.google.com/webstore

When that page finish loading you will see a search Bar; Just type in Keywordseverywhere.com and hit the search button and you will see the extension with the Button to install it. Click on Add to Chrome and then install the Add-on.

After the add-on has finished downloading and installing having clicked on Add to Chrome, you will see the next page as shown below. This page is prompting you to get your API key to complete installation.

Just Add your valid email address and check the boxes as shown above then click on Email me API key. Check your inbox or spam folder you will see the message as shown below.

Click on the link to access your API key free as shown above and from the next page you will see something like this where your API key is boldly displayed.

Copy Your API Key
and get ready to Validate it. NOW having copied Your API key, Just go back to your homepage of your yandax browser or you can open a new tab if you wish.

Type anything and search via google search engine. After google opens, Click on the three column dots which is the Menu Button from your Yandex Browser(these three column dots are located in the down right hand side of your browser) and you will see all your menu as shown below.

Click on Extensions from the Menu and select Keywordseverywhere which is the most recently installed extension you’ve done. After selecting Keywordseverywhere your next page will show up as below.

Just click on Update settings and a new page will open. from this page, paste your API key and Click on Validate.

Now you’re all done installing Keywordseverywhere chrome extension on you Android mobile phone. The next thing is using this installed extension to find the keywords you desire.

How to find Easy to rank keywords using Keywordseverywhere

Am not writing this post based on what others might have told you or based on what’s written all over the internet but am writing this based on my personal experience. but let’s see what a writer at Moz says.

According to a writer at Moz.com There’s very few scores in the 0-20 range, and very few in the 80-100 range. I personally think of scores in the 20-35 range as being quite low, 36-50 in the middle, 51-65 pretty tough, and 66-80 as very difficult (your own intuition may vary based on your experiences, and that’s OK)

When you target more and more difficult keywords, you generally need A) more external links to the page B) more domain authority C) more relevant content and D) higher user engagement and satisfaction with your content.

The only thing you should take from the above inscription is not the numbers but the part that’s talking about A , B, C and D. just relax am going to make everything clear so don’t feel confused.

In every Keywords research tool you always see keywords difficulty and competition from the table and these things are written in mere numbers that’s the worst confusion in keywords research.

I was formally thinking the higher the competition number the easier it’s easy to rank when using the so called semrush. After sometimes, i was thinking again that the lower the competition number the easier it’s easy to rank and at a point i was just confused about the whole things. Maybe i don’t understand, maybe they are confused but am very sure all the keywords research tools are like confused fellows because i have done so much comparison without getting any match result in terms of competition and all that.

My own not theirs

Here’s how i do my own keywords research and it has been working well for me.

I needed to write about money making apps in countries where they haven’t talked more about them perhaps to drive some organic traffic from outside Nigeria as usual practice so all i did was to open my Yandex browser and type in Money making Apps then search it on google then clicked on the 3 column menu icon as explained earlier and selected extensions from the drop menu

Then clicked on Keywordseverywhere extension which you installed earlier and a new page will show up as shown below.

From this page just click on Analys this page and you will see all the related keywords based on what we searched earlier (money making apps)

Just click on the 50 as circled above and change it to all and with this you will see all the Keywords instead of displaying just fifty in number.

I don’t mind any competition on the keywords research table because they are only confusion. So what you should be looking at is the search volume and competition based on Google search not what they have in their competition table.

After scrolling through the whole keywords on the page i couldn’t find anyone that’s easy to rank with at least encouraging search volume so it means i needed to make other searches. but before then how do i know when the keywords are easy to rank?

How to know when Keywords are easy to rank

Like i said earlier i don’t use the keywords competition table instead i just copy the keywords and paste it on google to see if many people has talked about it or not.

if it’s easy to rank then it means very little or no one has blogged about it directly but if it’s difficult to rank it means many people has written about it and in such case i will only stay back to look for other easy to rank keywords.

So when i searched Money making apps and i browsed through all the related keywords i couldn’t find any good keywords to write about which i can rank for so i changed the search term again by searching Earning apps in Pakistan and used the same method shown above (always remember to change 50 to all) so as i was scrolling through the table i sighted that earning apps in Pakistan have 880 monthly search volume

So i copied the keywords and search it on google then scroll through the first and second page but to my greatest surprise no one has specifically written about this keywords. The only people ranking for the keywords are ranking because they only mentioned something similar. and that means if i can write about it thoroughly i will rank for it.

That makes it easy to rank keywords:

You can use this same method to find keywords in any niche by typing your niche related keywords and analyzing them with keywordseverywhere and analyzing them e.g Stars in Nigeria, Health laboratory, Top musicians, Highest paid musicians, Linda ikeji house, Linda ikeji Contact, Davido latest music, Top politicians. Nigeria Politics, Entrepreneurship in Nigeria,Blogging sites, Freelancing websites, etc..

You will do your analytics based on what you have in mind to write about. e.g if am to write about affiliate marketing then i will type affiliate marketing and analyze it if i can’t find any good keywords i will search and analyze Affiliate earnings, Affiliate programs, affiliate business etc until i find easy to rank keywords.

Notable Qualities of Easy to rank Keywords

Below are some of the very few qualities of easy to rank keywords.

  • Scarcity

    When i mean scarce it means many bloggers in your niche haven’t set their eyes on the keywords. What makes keywords competitive is when too many authority blogs has talked about it.

    How can you be blogging keywords like How to make money online and expect to come out first page?

    When ever i get some keywords ideas then google it only to see that Naij.com, Punch and other big websites are ranking i will only have to pack my load and search for other keywords because there’s no way i can rank for such keywords when all the blogs on first and second page are unbeatable.

  • Longtail

    Easy to rank Keywords are usually longtail Keywords. They are more than Four words.

    Am sure you can never rank when you target keyword like Buhari but you may rank when you target Buhari on a trip to London that’s what we mean when we say longtail Keywords.

    When searching for keywords to Blog about just forget the shortTail Keywords and focus only on LongTail Perhaps keywords with more than four Words. E.g Earning Apps in Pakistan

Writing about your Keywords

Having found your Keywords isn’t the end of the journey: Even after getting good keywords if you cannot blog them in the right way you might not rank for them.

If am to write about earning Apps in Pakistan as my target keywords, i will make sure to use the keywords in my first and last paragraph of my post, i will make sure i use the keywords in 2 or more Subheads wrapped with < h2 > tag. I will make sure i use the keywords at least 7 times in my post depending on how lengthy the article is, the keywords will show up in my post title, in my post description and in my post URL structure

This is because the more often the keywords show up wisely the higher your ranking chances increase.

The above listed areas are some of the best positions to fix in your Keywords for easy ranking.

The same method we used in installing our Keywordseverywhere chrome extension on android phone can also be used to install every other chrome extension on mobile. automatically you’ve just learnt how to install PC extensions on your Android phone.

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