Keywords Research? Yes i got the answer to everything You need to Learn

You Keep Seeing Keyword research everywhere online, on almost every page you search on how to rank your website on googles front page you will never seize to see Keywords Research if not the first answer to your query. But the headache here is how can you truly do a keyword research that can bring traffic to your website? this becomes the cure problem every beginner face in their initial blogging life.(I was also a victim then)

Am Sure you can learn successful Blogging secrets through me, am also sure you can learn how to make money online with the help of my updates why not leave your email behind let me show you how.

Are you still facing this keywords problems? just relax as am going to teach you everything you need to know about keywords research in this article. Please find a quiet place to read

What are Keywords In Blogging? And How does It really Works

I have in mind to write an article about Alexa rating so i titled my headline how to improve your website Alexa rating This is because i have found out that most of the readers in my targeted niche are mostly searching everyday for how to improve their website Alexa rating.

Now after writing about that particular heading and well optimized.. the next time people make searches about the same headline Google will direct them straight to the page where you have posted an article with the headline and here we say you have gotten organic traffic for your article.

Your Keywords are: How to improve Your website Alexa rating. Therefore keywords in blogging is simply any term that people uses to solve their problems online from search engines such as Google , Bing, Yahoo etc.

Taking another instance, If I don’t know how to install WordPress on a new domain name i may likely use the keywords: How to install WordPress in solving my problem, and only the Websites with the answer to those keywords will show up in googles front page.

If you must get readers from Google to visit your website/blog as a blogger then you should learn to target your articles on what others in your niche are looking for.

Take Note: that Google will only show up website that entails the information made for any search. and that’s why you see that if you type in some naughty keywords on Google search you will see a response that they couldn’t find what you are looking for. This is because no blogger has ever published an article concerning that particular keywords.

Why Keywords Research?

The primary focus why people do keywords research is simply to find keywords that people are looking for in their blogging Niche.

With the aid of Keywords research, you will be able to know how many people that are searching for a particular keyword, How much you can earn from a particular keyword and the how difficult is it to rank for any keyword.

Without Keywords research you may find it very difficult as a blogger to rank on googles front page: let me explain.

If for instance you have in mind to write about Make money online as your headline and focused keywords and you never did a keyword research to know how many competitors you have to find an alternative to restructure your article, you will find out that after writing and publishing your article you won’t rank front page for it.

The reason is because too many competitors who are far older than you online and have gained a reputation that you will never gain even in the next 2-3 years of your blogging life have written some articles on that same headline you just blogged about. And as a result you keep getting low organic ranking for your original articles.

But with the aid of keywords research i will rather write a related post targeting the same headline to drive traffic. You will see related keywords with low competition if you use the keywords research tools. E.g I wanted to write about “how to make money online” but after my research i found out that the competition is demn hard. so i wrote about “How to Easily Earn Money Online” because i have found out that this keywords have low competition but still talking about the same thing with the previous headline with high competition.(this is the keywords restructure am talking about).

Most Important Keywords Research Slangs

When doing my Keywords Research i only take note of three keys which am showing you below.

  1. Keywords Search Volume
  2. Keywords competition
  3. Keywords CPC
  • KEYWORDS CPC: This is the earning potential of any keywords you search for via any keywords research tools.

    Most of the keywords you search for are keywords that has been placed on advert on Google AdWords so the CPC you see there when you make your research is simply the amount the advertisers have agreed to offer for any click on that particular keywords from your blog.

    At times you may see some keywords with $0.0CPC this means that this keywords have not been placed on Google AdWords by any advertiser therefore you may earn less or nothing for such keywords when you target and get clicks on them from your blog.

    When targeting keywords as the make money blogger you should consider targeting keywords with high CPC as this will increase your earning. Don’t target keywords with high CPC if they aren’t meant to satisfy your targeted blog audience. You should take note of this because the real bloggers are the bloggers who don’t only blog for money but for the audience as well.

    In a more simple note i will say ” it will be wise to target keywords that will suite your audience and at the same time make cool money” .

  • KEYWORDS COMPETITION: This will determine whether you will rank for the keywords or not.

    One thing is to make money from a keyword and another thing is to rank for it. If you are the kind of blogger that only cares about the money you will loose your ranking targeting keywords with high CPC as most of these keywords have high competition.

    Keywords competition: This is the aspect of your keywords research that will show you the percentage of the competition your keyword possess.

    When a keyword have high competition am likely to skip them because am too lazy to compete with those big head bloggers when i can still find some keywords with less competition on that same niche or even the same topic.

    Before we continue i have a confession to make: ” Right from the very first day i learnt about keywords research i have been running away from keywords with high competition because i was told by a doctor not to do hard labour because of my ill health condition.

    If you think you are strong, you can go on to blog about keywords that are highly competitive ( I will be waiting for your testimony in the next one year) (lol…….

    To the lazy bloggers like me try to find keywords with low competition and high search volume to get your blog on Google’s front page.

  • KEYWORDS SEARCH VOLUME: Search volume simply means the total number of searches Google receives monthly about a particular keyword.

    If for instance the monthly traffic of a keyword is 20k, it means that Google is receiving 20,000 monthly search about such keyword.

    When doing your keywords research it is a wise idea to target keywords that have very high search volume with low competition. If you can find them then you are likely to get more organic traffic irrespective of your blogging platform or blogging niche.

    So far they have high volume with with low competition even when the CPC is low don’t hesitate to target them for more organic traffic.

  • The above are the things i do take note of when doing my research. But above all i love blogging about the keywords that have high search volume, High CPC and low Competition i strive to find them because i know what they can do in my journey to successful blogging.

    I guess you just learnt something new, yet i still have more to share with you because am ready to finish everything about this keywords issues bordering me on Facebook everyday via comments and posts.

    How To do keywords Research:

    Am not going to teach you according to how other people does their own. Am going with the way i do mine.

    There are various methods through which you can do your keywords research but below is how i do mine.

    Here is How i derive My Headline and Keywords Idea

    Taking Example: If i have in mind to write about affiliate marketing, i won’t just go on to give my article any title rather i will go straight to Google search and type in affiliate marketing in the search box to see what people are truly searching for and the type of language they are using to search for them.

    I will scroll down to the bottom of my Google page to see many related searches pertaining to the above keywords. Any keyword you see at as related search means that people are also searching for those keywords on Google.

    On my Related Search i see keywords like:

    Affiliate marketing for Beginners

  • Affiliate marketing meaning
  • How to start affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Companies
  • What is affiliate Marketing and How does it work E.T.C
  • With the related search lists you have from your Google you can easily derive an exact headline idea of what people are searching for. let’s say i have i mind to write about “how affiliate marketing works” so i picked an headline : ( What is affiliate Marketing and How does it work)

    To do my Keywords Research i quickly opened a new tab on my browser and visited Https://

    I typed in the keywords on the search bar: and clicked on the search button

    I found out that this keyword has $3.83 CPC and 0.38 Competition with above 300 search volume:

    That’s pretty difficult to rank for. I truly know that but i still want to share this with my audience and at least get small ranking from it so i made up for another related keyword with the same focus. what is affiliate marketing and how it work

    This keywords have less competition with high volume compared to the initial one. In as much as they are still talking about the same topic i have decided to go by the keyword with less competition and high volume. This is how i do my keywords research.

    Right from your semrush page you will find many other related keywords that people are searching for with their CPC in front of them. You can click on them to see their search competition and other datas as well. as this may help you find other keywords on the same niche with low competition as well.

    Where to use Your Keywords

    The more a keyword appears in your blog, the more you get chances of ranking for such keywords so when targeting a keyword there are certain places and positions you may want to embed your targeted keywords for easy ranking.

    • Embed them inside your article; In your text
    • Put them in the content headings

    • Put them in the meta tags/descriptions
    • Put them in alt tags of images and
      title tags of links

    IN YOUR HEADLINE:After finding Your focused Keywords, You will have to strategically place it in your headline for easy ranking.

    If for instance i found the keywords “Free books” to write about i can place that keywords into my headline e.g Where to get free books online, How to get free books from your school, 2018 free books you must read etc…… depending on what you want to write about.

    IN YOUR TEXTs: I do find every strategy to place my focused keywords in my text especially in my first paragraph and in the body of my posts.

    E.g if my Focused keywords is “how to kill a rat” in my first paragraph i may go with introduction in order to keep my focused keywords on my first paragraph.

    Here is example: Are you still searching for how to kill a rat without stress? this article will guide you and provide you all the necessary materials needed to kill a rat for free.

    With the above intro. in my first paragraph i have strategically embedded my keywords right there. Always try to be strategic about this.

    IN YOUR DESCRIPTION: Your yoast SEO plugin gives you the description area to easily describe your article briefly for your readers from search engine.

    In Your description always try to input your keywords as well as this will enhance your ranking for such keywords.

    AlT Tags: Image alternative tags should be used if at all you use an image in your article.

    Alt text for your images should be the same as your focused keywords : If for instance my image URL is my image code with my alternative text goes as below.

    See Code:

    If You can strategically Add Your focused keywords to all of the above positions then you are good to go.

    Am …am. .ooooooo my PC is demn hot i guess i have to stop the typing right here lest i start writing in my dialect with the conviction am writing in English.

    Before i exit this inscription ‚ąöPromise me you won’t tell those Selfish Bloggers i taught you the secretes behind keywords research i don’t want to die young i still have many sponsored posts and affiliate earnings to catch from my pretty blog. Good day.

    Hey don’t go yet i love it when people share my posts , subscribe and also comment on my blog so do so while i go prepare more posts that will help you grow your blog.


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