Keys To Successful Blogging- Learn them or be ready to fail

To me i believe there are many keys to successful blogging and this is what you are going to learn today because i wouldn’t want you to go unsuccessful as one of my blog reader, while am here claiming am helping my readers on how to build successful blogs.

Am Sure you can learn successful Blogging secrets through me, am also sure you can learn how to make money online with the help of my updates why not leave your email behind let me show you how.

The ultimate goal of every blogger is to create a blog that makes money online. As for me i set up this blog mainly for helping my audience in areas of my specialization and as well make money from that same area of my specialization.

How do you feel when you spend some huge amount of money to create and maintain a blog, and at the end the blog becomes unsuccessful probably because of these very few mistakes you never learnt at your initial blogging life.

As a matter of fact i started my blogging journey since 2014 but i never made success not untill 2016. 2014 and 2015 where the years of my trials and errors with many failures. After the many encountered trials and errors i realized the keys to successful blogging which am going to share with you today so you won’t be a victim of my past encounters.

The Keys To Successful Blogging

Blog Design : Just like i always tell my blog readers that a bad blog design can hinder and render your site useless. This is why it’s recommendable that you invest and work for a better and simple blog design with good look and easy navigation.

Unlike before when people have to get all information needed from a particular blog. Now the internet is the root of competition as there are too many blogs online who offer the same thing you offer. If your readers can’t find your blog design appealing they will immediately exit your page for another blog with the same information.

How on earth did expect your readers to stay on their browers waiting for your site to load for over 10munites simply because of the many graphics and ads you packed on your pages when they have some other light pages with the same information.

With your heavy pages and ugly blog design you will continue to chase away your website visitors because no body wants to waste 2mb loading your page. Neither can i try it on any page especially when i managed to subscribe (lol) i won’t let your website drain my hard earned Money for Data subscription.

If you have managed an offline business where you own a shop you will understand this better. When you open your shop every morning you do the sweeping and cleanup to ensure a clean and better environment for your customers. You need to manage your business properly for a better look in the sight of your customers.

If you Must address blogging as a business then you have to treat it like a real business , I mean the same way you treat your offline business. Spend expensive time on your blog, building your blog with good design to fit your audience.

Blogging Traffic: Yes you heard my right. Without getting traffic to your blog you are equal to a business man without customers i guess you know the outcome?

If after creating a blog and you have no traffic ( i mean real visitors to your blog) who will read your article even if you offer the best contents in the world! Among the keys to successful blogging am very sure that website traffic is the most essential as it covers all.

One of the reason why many bloggers quite today is as a result of low blog traffic: How do you feel after writing great articles without getting readers. A good blog traffic can uplift your blogging career while a low blog traffic can equally kill your blogging career to the brim.

The climax of the traffic talk here is that “if you must be a successful blogger , then you must learn all strategies to generate website traffic with ease” , failure to do so, you are bond to fail.

Blog Conversion: If your blog posses a very low conversion rate then you may end up earning low even when you have a good traffic.

Among the keys to successful blogging i never learnt this on time. It was the last on my knowledge list. Initially i find it easy to drive traffic to my blog but converting my traffic to Subscribers and sales becomes a problem.

Even if you have the best product and services to offer without knowing how to sell them you may end up been frustrated with your product.

If you must be among the successful bloggers that earn money online then you must learn how to turn your website traffic into Subscribers and sales irrespective of your blogging niche.

Building Trust: Ever since i joined blogging i have learnt that building trust is very essential as a blogger.

As a blogger 96% of the people you are dealing with online are people you don’t know in real human. How do you expect them to buy from you , work with you or transact with you if they can’t see any atom of trust in you.?

Before your blog readers make purchases from your blog they might have trusted you. The only way to account successful sales from your blog is building trust.

How have you been using your social media? How many people have you worked for with honesty? Building trust is essential as a blogger so learn to build a lasting reputation online as this will enhance your blogging success.

Work With Others: I guess you already know that working alone could be very dangerous” Hmmmm Did you forget that two heads are better than one? what if the heads are more than two don’t you think you can make it even bigger since just two are better then above two must be best if you ask me.

I love working alone: But working alone at times could be very stressful and at times could be limited so i have to learn working with other bloggers on my niche in some ways like creating guest posts on their blogs, BackLainking, Featuring and others.

Just like you are working with others explore strategies to make others work for you as well,for this is one key among the keys to successful blogging that every blogger must learn.

Time Factor: You are surprised i mentioned time right? you don’t have to, because am telling you the fact here.

one of the factors that determine Successful blogging Is time factor. You cannot start blogging today and become successful the next week or even the next month no matter how hot your blogging niche seems to be.

This time factors goes with patient: To every new blogger out there take note that blogging is not a get rich scheme not because you can’t make money from it but because you can’t make money from it overnight.

A blogger who blogs to make money is like a Farmer: You plant, Maintain till the harvest period. In blogging you will have to do many processes before you will start making money.

You have to Create valuable informations as a blogger,You have to build trust, You have to Do a sound SEO which may even require more time Etc….. To say less and observe more blogging works with the saying: Rome was Not built In a Day.

CONCLUSION: You just read the keys to successful blogging: I bid you successful blogging journey as you put to practice all that you have learnt.

In addition to my inscription above the type of contents you create can also determine your blogging success : i won’t say more than this as i have a message dropped on my whatsapp messenger right now see you when i see you.

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  1. ayodeji said:

    i think you have listed all you need to be successful in blogging..

    July 1, 2018
    • #Ayodeji That’s true . the above list entails everything you need and all the keys to successful Blogging

      July 1, 2018
  2. Infoguide said:

    Nice content bro, keep the fire burning

    July 1, 2018
    • Thanks @InfoGuide For commenting i will surely get the fire burning as you have prescribed.

      July 2, 2018
  3. JoelsBlog said:

    I so love this piece!!! I’m so sharing it! I never knew some of this up until now… I’m glad I read it… The traffic stuff got me… I need to do something about my traffic!

    July 2, 2018
    • @Joel am eminently happy you learnt somethings from the keys to successful blogging above

      I wish you successful blogging can career as you explore them. in addition thanks for sharing this article

      July 2, 2018

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