Just install Windows 10 on your smartphone

Just install Windows 10 on your smartphone

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LumiaWOA Group Launches Lumia 950 XL Toolkit Software Kit Facilitates Windows 10 Installation on Lumia Smartphone Entrepreneurs often experiment with installing Windows 10 for ARM processors on various mobile devices, Nintendo Switch and Windows Mobile and Android smartphones.

Now there’s an easy way to install the smart Lumia 950 XL. The team of players, known as LumiaWOA, has released a Windows 10 firmware and a set of tools that allow Windows Mobile version 10 to be replaced within five minutes. Similar tools are expected to appear soon for other Lumia smartphones.

During the replacement process, the mobile operating system is deleted, so the smartphone cannot be used as a regular phone, notes Liliputing.com. Also, the user may lose data and damage the installer if he is not careful enough.

To replace Windows Mobile with Windows 10, the following tools are required: the WPInternals utility, the Windows Recovery tool, and the firmware itself. An instruction describing gradual actions is mentioned.

For now, however, some “empty” applications are available for the Windows 10 version of ARM processors, programs that do not work with x86 architecture emulation. As a result, it may be expected to quickly empty the smartphone’s battery when running Windows 10 applications.

On the other hand, a smartphone with Windows 10 can be adapted to use in scenarios where larger computers are uncomfortable. It should also be borne in mind that this is the solution for enthusiasts who are willing to take over the risk of their data.

Just install Windows 10 on your smartphone

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