IT infrastructure today requires full visibility

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IT infrastructure today requires full visibility

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The process of digitization of organizations invariably leads to the accumulation of an increasing number of different technological systems, and thus to the generation of an increasing amount of data.

It is logical to think that security officers know at all times what is happening in these complex and intricate IT environments. But this is not always the case.

The visibility of the “full landscape” of technical infrastructure is crucial at a time when organizations are dealing with sensitive personal and financial information and a single breakthrough can lead to the failure of their entire business.

The number of computer systems in modern organizations is growing and interconnections are becoming increasingly complex. Some of these systems are internal, others are in the cloud, some are licensed, others are used as a service. Each has its own “register” of events that users and administrators keep.

However, it is important for security officers to have a thorough look at what is happening. This motivates the development of a new type of information and event security management systems in IT infrastructure and their constant monitoring and auditing, it became clear during the launch of the Netwrix platform, organized by Computer 2000 Bulgaria distributor.

The job of such a platform is to “simultaneously” review all records in the IT environment: permissions, changes, errors, events, user activity – everything. Events break through a “prism” that transforms diverse and diverse data from different systems into a complete “landscape”, understandable and easy to understand at a glance.

On this basis, the overall IT environment can be monitored in various ways: search can be performed by default, generate periodic reports, display visualizations, signal in real time for the occurrence of a particular type of event.

Just as every CCTV camera has “gray areas” where it does not “see” what is happening because they fall outside its reach, so every organization has one “dark spot” in its IT infrastructure, which is not enough Clarity, says Vihren Slavchev. Mnemonic’s manager, co-organizer of the presentation.

According to the managers, this dark spot is usually an overnight activity – mostly remote logging into the corporate IT system. Few security officers know how many corporate employees join the corporate network at night, how many times their passwords go wrong, which is downloaded. “You have no idea how many passwords get messed up at night,” Slavcev suggested.

Of course, security systems can set alarms for certain events that can be potentially dangerous – for example, if a large amount of data starts at night. It is a suspicious activity and security systems are likely to “alarm”. But if an employee is slowly, methodically, without much noise “working” – for example, downloading a small amount of data every night at 1 a.m., security systems are likely to go unnoticed.

It is audit platforms like Netwrix that make it possible to notice a certain link between certain seemingly innocent events and to warn that something is wrong, says Slavchev. Netwrix does this based on its “artificial intelligence”.

Of course, artificial intelligence is a concept that has been misused lately. “We need to be aware that this is machine learning,” said Martin Rakov, systems engineer at Computer 2000 Bulgaria. The algorithm needs to “train” people, but as this learning process progresses, one can trust that the audit platform will signal irregularities better than any computer administrator.

Security officers having a complete view of the landscape in their IT infrastructure and auditing the environment at all times is a huge “weapon”. Timely detection of attacks is increasingly crucial to the survival of organizations in the face of intense competition and demanding consumer expectations.

In particular, such a tool is extremely important in terms of security requirements in light of regulations such as GDPR, which require the relentless protection of personal data in organizations from public administration, banks and insurers, telecommunications and all those who process personal data.

On the other hand, auditing is becoming especially important due to the increasing number of digital devices connecting in the corporate environment. In addition to computers, smartphones, smartwatches and IoT systems with appropriate sensors are increasingly being included. Robotization is also a fact in many enterprises – machines (including software only) have been involved in routine, repetitive human activities to date.

All this significantly increases the number of potential vulnerabilities that can be maliciously exploited to break into the IT environment. Full visibility is essential, experts are determined.

Without automated tools for auditing the IT environment, it is difficult for administrators to adequately monitor what is happening – they are forced to “read the log”; and while good people know how to look for a particular log, it still takes a long time and doesn’t give a complete picture of what’s going on, says Eugene Izotova, Netwrix’s regional manager.

“In our practice, we have also encountered cases where good administrators have written scripts themselves to constantly monitor many or all of the records in the corporate infrastructure – simply for ease of work,” said Izotova. “That’s exactly how the platform itself was born.”

However, if a good administrator with the script leaves the organization, his receiver must start over. In contrast, automated IT audit tools remain – and they are easy to learn and manage.

IT infrastructure today requires full visibility

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