Is there a virtual world without lakes?

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Is there a virtual world without lakes?

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The accumulation of public publishing volition in the social media has a strong psychological impact, it is a narcotic for the human being, creates addiction … For each of its publications, accumulation is liked and creates a pleasant sense of satisfaction, joy.

“Lick” “Liked” – this is one of the most valuable units in the world of modern social networksFacebook, Twitter, Instagram. These “thumbs” allow people to know when their posts are favorite, rated. At the same time, lashes help social media to better assess who the content is first displayed, and which ads the user most likely clicks.

Our virtual world is so obsessed with eyelashes that some experts see as addiction and are trying to promote the idea of ​​ unreliable internet. Is this possible? Likes and Quality Likes have made social media extremely popular in the popularity competition.

However, the construction of lakes draws attention to better quality publications and talks, some experts say. Like the “yellow” media, social networks are the most “spent” publications that are not the best, the most informative, the most valuable.

Today, companies behind social networks are under much criticism of the way their projects work. Here are some of their main features, including wishes. Twitter and Instagram already show signs that it is not impossible to testify to the world without lakes. Twitter Without Lake Before the TED conference in April, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that if he needs to re-create Twitter, he will not create a feature that he likes.

Dorsey also said he would not emphasize the number of followers. The Twitter app prototype called twttr – designed to test new features – explores the idea of ​​facilitating conversation. The app allows people to read multiple publications in tight visual design without disturbing the display of metrics such as the number of wanted and shares.

Artificial intelligence also loves eyelashes and “nourishes” them. The Instagram team also seems to think about shaping the theme of love. An internal prototype, originally discovered by developer Jane Manchun Wong on April 18, shows a publication in which it is not visible how much he likes it.

Instead, the pattern highlights the name of the friend who liked the post. “We do not test it at this time, but researching ways to reduce Instagram pressure is something we always think,” Instagram told Fortune.

In the second opinion, it seems they are on Facebook. There consumers can not only post posts and enjoy them, but also express other emotions, including surprise, love, laughter, sorrow, and anger. Fortune’s question as to whether the company rethought eyelashes, the Facebook speaker simply refused to answer.

Bonding as a medicine Accumulation of love for the publication has a powerful psychological effect. It’s a kind of narcotics. Several studies in the last few years have shown that when a person writes something in social media and sees the accumulation of lakes, the same happens in his brain as he receives the desired reward. This happens subconsciously.

The result is that each post follows the accumulation of love, and this creates a pleasant sense of satisfaction, joy. Gradually, it is addictive to that feeling. Artificial Intelligence Food Not just those who post their posts and see how eyelashes enjoy such feedback.

Artificial intelligence behind Facebook, Twitter and Instagram also loves eyelashes and “nourishes” them. Laughter informs the algorithm who decides which content will be displayed as a priority and which users. This artificial intelligence also judges which ads should be shown to the players.

All of this has a tremendous impact on the revenue of social media by their advertisers. And when lashes manage revenue streams, we can guess how a business solution would be difficult for the social network to resolve the eyelash.

Is there a virtual world without lakes?

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