iPhone prices will not rise in 2019. despite higher trade charges

iPhone prices will not rise in 2019, despite higher trade charges

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Trade relations between the United States and China continue to be polarized and present major problems for local producers. The US government has approved a new set of sanctions that will introduce a new 10% tax on all goods coming from China.

The new tariffs will be active from September 1 and will have a serious impact on trade between the two countries, exceeding $ 300 billion a year.

All this begs the question of whether we will see a rise in the price of popular smartphones. Apple will pay particular attention to this problem to prevent an irrational rise in the price of the iPhone.

The company plans to compensate us by financing “a large portion of the additional costs”. So Apple will instead pay consumers between 51% and 99% of the higher cost of producing smartphones.

The company reserves the right to introduce a minimum increase if the situation worsens. If Apple raises the price of the iPhone from $ 999 to $ 1029 due to trade sanctions, that would hardly affect sales.

Apple’s desire to bear the bulk of the extra costs involved in trading fees will surely appeal to millions of users worldwide. We still don’t know if Google has similar plans, too.

iPhone prices will not rise in 2019, despite higher trade charges

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