IPhone owners can sue Apple for monopolistic practices at the APp store

IPhone owners can sue Apple for monopolistic practices at the APp store

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iPhone owners filed a lawsuit against the company accusing them of holding monopolistic practices in the online App Store. According to them, Apple deliberately harms the free choice of consumers by fixing certain applications at the expense of others.

The traditional rule that the company will receive 30% of sales of mobile applications is also a problem that causes developers to increase the prices of their titles to offset this value.

Unlike Android, iOS users cannot download content outside the company’s official store. All of these restrictions are only part of Apple’s aggressive monopoly policy, it is claimed in the submitted case.

This interesting case is being considered by the US Supreme Court, which has decided in favor of consumers. The final decision of the judges is that Apple does not violate the antitrust rules introduced in the country. However, iPhone owners can sue the company.

The Supreme Court considers that consumers have this right while spending their own money to buy content in the App Store, CNN reported. The decision is interesting and is likely to affect other technology companies, allowing their customers to claim their rights in the courtroom in the same way.

For its part, Apple defended its policy by claiming that developers themselves appreciate their mobile application, and this is a process in which the company does not have an engagement.

iPhone owners can sue Apple for monopolistic practices at the App store

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