Internet stuff will transform business and public services

Internet stuff will transform business and public services

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Technology is there, but we have to be imaginative to use it. People must be ready to experiment and apply new technologies, says Anastas Shopov, ERP.BG. Internet stuff (IoT) expands, “said Anastas Shopov, ERP.BG’s software company, who will discuss the topic of the forum Business Excellence 2022 to talk on March 21 at the EFE Hall of the Marinella Hotel in Sofia, according to him, the concept of the internet has the potential to transform not only business but also a large part of public services. new technologies.

“New technologies can help us improve competitiveness and quality of life, but can not find their place. Technologies are available, but to get the most out of them, we need the imagination and courage to apply them in different spheres of our lives, “Says Anastas Ĺ opov. The qualitative IoT architecture, in its words, consists of two things – IoT devices that collect and send data, and cloud platforms that process these data and make them smarter for business.

“This is how our platform works, enabling users to store and process data by transforming them into a real advantage for businesses,” said ERP.BG, a lecturer in the “Technology Development and Business Location” panel within the forum.

Numerous possibilities come from the ability to observe and control things in the real world through digital technologies, which can enable us to drastically improve the health, organization and functioning of cities and the society in which we live, while at the same time, internet stuff enables the development of brand new business models and automation of the business.

The focus of this year’s forum will be business excellence, it is related to the implementation of outstanding practices in the organization and the achievement of high performance – integrated selection of successful practices through which business is developing to the best that can be. are pr even postal models for the functioning of the world class organization.

Internet stuff will transform business and public services

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