International payment gateways in Nigeria: 6-Factors you must consider before choosing one

As a blogger in Nigeria, if you run a blog which drives traffic from foreign countries, you should be looking for international payment gateway in nigeria if you want to add Payment gateway to your website to enable you received funds from outside Nigeria.

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As soon as you grow your audience as a blogger, the next thing you should be thinking of is making money from your blog(Monetisation).

And we have learnt that “the best and most powerful method to make money from your blog is to create your own products especially if you’re a niche blogger”.

After creating Your products, am sure people from other countries who visit your website may also want to place order depending on the type of products you’ve got.

This is the main reason why international payment gateway in nigeria remains very important to every blogger looking forward to sell abroad and worldwide.

Why Use international payment gateway in nigeria

In a situation where you sell digital or physical products on your blog without integrating the international payment gateway, it means you will only be receiving payment locally.

If your products are demanded overseas, your sales will decrease since you don’t have international payment gateway in nigeria integrated on your website/blog Sales pages.

To get more sales, You need to embed both the international payment gateway in nigeria and other local payment gateways so that you can receive funds worldwide and locally. Doing this will make you get more sales.

Before you go forth to choosing an international payment gateway in nigeria, you must consider some factors and among these factors, we shall be disclosing the most crucial ones in this article.

What to consider When Choosing an international payment gateway in nigeria

Before you choose to use any international payment gateway to receive payment and funds from your website, there are some certain things you must consider.

Though all most all the international payment gateway are legit and off scam but even with that, you still need to consider some certain factors.

Some of the factors you must consider when choosing an international payment gateway in nigeria are:

  • Security:

    How secured is the payment gateway you’re about to integrate on your website?

    There’s need for choosing Secured payment gateway for your website but above all, think about the support, data gathering and care for your customers and even you as a merchant.

  • Checkout Location:

    Some online payment gateways allows your customers to complete their order and checkout within and around your website, while others direct your customers out of your website to complete checkouts.

    When choosing an international payment gateway in nigeria for your website, i will advice you go for the ones which enables your clients to complete orders within your website.

    This will make your readers trust you more. and you will gain more credibility than otherwise.

  • Clients Compatibility:

    Lot’s of persons wanted to buy from your website but they couldn’t complete their orders because your checkout section seem to be very incompatible.

    There are some payment gateways that allow you to customize your checkout to fit with your site design

    Don’t choose payment gateways that will make it difficult for your clients to make payment, as this will make you loose some potential customers.

    Make sure the payment gateway is compatible on all devices, both mobile and PC.

  • Costs And Charges

    What customers hate most is “hidden charges” and am sure you also hate it when buying from other websites and online stores.

    Every payment gateway goes with some little transaction charges. Some even charges merchants for integrations.

    One of the factors you must consider when choosing an international payment gateway in nigeria is fees and charges.

    Run from international payment gateways that will charge you high than you earn.

    Online payment gateways which allows you to create your own merchant account seem to be best because the charges will be very less unlike other Payment gateways that will have to transfer money directly to dealers account which might charge very high

  • Preferred payment methods:

    You don’t just pick a payment gateway for your website.

    One thing you must consider when choosing an international payment gateway in nigeria is their preferred payment methods.

    It will be better you do some analytical works to see which countries visits your website most and which audience your products will target.

    If you can derive this, you will then pick and online payment processor which will include payment gateways that’s suitable for almost all of your targeted audience.

  • Integration and setups:

    One of the greatest factors to consider when choosing an international payment processor in nigeria as a merchant is Setup and integration.

    Some payment processors are very difficult to integrate (API) while others are very easy.

    Check out the reliable and easy to integrate online payment gateways especially when you aren’t an expert.

Wrapping Up:Choosing international payment gateway in nigeria

Having learnt some factors to consider when choosing an international payment gateway in nigeria, the next step is picking an international payment processor and integrating it on your blog to start receiving payments from your clients.

In my next article, i shall be listing some top and best international payment gateways in nigeria so stay tuned to make your selection.

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