Intel stops production of AMD graphics chips

Intel stops production of AMD graphics chips

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Despite the competition, Intel has already launched an exciting project in which they teamed up with AMD. The idea is to have access to processors made by the company, but to use AMD graphics.

The first architectures to use this concept have now become a reality on Intel’s Kaby Lake-G platform. The specific chips offer the best combination of company technology and Radeon RX Vega M. AMD graphics hardware.

Now we understand that just a few months after launching the initiative, the project will be over. Intel has officially confirmed that it will suspend orders for new processors from the Kaby Lake-G platform.

There will be no way for their hardware partners to deliver deliverables to the series architecture after January 31, 2020. However, deliveries themselves will continue to be made by the end of July next year. The date will officially end the processors in the series, Engadget reports.

The reason for this decision by Intel is the lack of sufficient interest in Kaby Lake-G among hardware manufacturers and end users. In the future, the company will focus its efforts and resources on more lucrative initiatives to expand its influence in the industry.

Their competition with AMD has grown fiercer with each passing quarter, allowing consumers to access better and cheaper products on the market.

Intel stops production of AMD graphics chips

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