Intel Optane Memory H10 technology will make SSDs even faster

Intel Optane Memory H10 technology will make SSDs even faster

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Intel is known as the largest computer processor maker but also invests in the development of many other technologies. In recent years, Optanne’s Intelligent Modules have been of great interest.

In fact, under this name is not a new type of RAM or NAND flash memory, but a hardware that offers something average among them. The new Intel modules function as a cache between RAM and hard drives and allow fast access to files and programs.

Unlike RAM, however, Intel Optane does not delete information when the computer is turned off. Now the company announced that it is collecting two of the most significant innovations in Intel Optane Memory H10 technology.

Thanks to this, we can expect to get much faster SSDs for laptops, classical desktops and all-in-one computers, says SlashGear. The company confirmed that the Intel Optane Memory H10 will be available in the standard M.2 form factor.

The technology offers a combination of Intel Optane and Quad Level Cell (QLD) 3D NAND memory in a single module that will dramatically increase the speed of SSDs. According to initial forecasts, we will be able to open the documents twice as fast as the start time of the games will be reduced by as much as 60%.

Improvements with multiple tasks with multiple open applications and windows, as well as multimedia playback, will reach up to 90%. Intel Optane Memory H10 modules will be available at the end of the quarter in 256GB, 512GB and 1TB versions.

Intel Optane Memory H10 technology will make SSDs even faster

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