Intel made a 10nm transition error

Intel made a 10nm transition error

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Intel has been trying to increase chip density by 2.7 times at the same time, but that was a problem,” said Intel CEO Bob Swan, chief executive officer of Intel, CEO of Intel Bob Soon believes that the company has rush to develop process of 10-nanometer chips.

“Very aggressive” approach turned against business plans. At the Brainstorm Tech conference organized by Fortune, Bob Swann commented on Intel’s current state of affairs and the direction of future development.

Answering the question about Moor’s law, Intel’s boss admitted that a “very aggressive” approach to keeping pace with the new technology standards was a problem for the company. Instead of increasing chip density twice every two years, as before, Intel’s experts are trying to reach a 2.7x magnification at a speed of 14 to 10 nanometers.

The result is a five-year delay in the delivery of 10-nanometer chips. In the year 2017, Intel showed its readiness for 10 nanometers, but the company did not announce mass production at a time.

Bob Swann has assured that after absorbing 10 nanometers Intel will return to previous development rates: in the next two years will begin to produce 7-nanometer products that will have a double density of 10-nanometer transistors. It is said that technology is already developing.

Intel made a 10nm transition error

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