Intel 8086 – a processor that has shaped today’s computer

Intel 8086 – a processor that has shaped today’s computer

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Intel’s first 80-bit processor, the first 16-bit processor and the first x86 chip, celebrated its 8th birthday, appeared only 41 years ago, June 8, 1978. It is a processor that has shaped the modern PC industry, as today’s desktop and laptop chips “speak” in their own language – x86 instructions.

The Crystal Crystal 8086 contained “only” 29,500 transistors – ridiculously small to modern standards, but incomparably more than their predecessors had. The chip worked at frequencies of 5, 8 or 10 MHz, while the smartphone’s processor had a frequency of 2000 MHz and even higher.

In June 2018, when 8086 had reached the age of 40, Intel released the Core i7-8086K processor – this was a limited edition of the leading Core 6-core core processor Core i7-8086K, launched for the 4086th anniversary 8086 i7 with the Coffe Lake architecture LGA1151 v2 platform.

The jubilee chip opens Core i7-8700K with overclocking up to 5.0 GHz, which can not guarantee the serial 6-core models of the same processor. Will x86 continue to dominate RS industry?

It is possible, but there is more and more talk about alternatives, including. borrowed from smart processors dominated by ARM architecture.

Intel 8086 – a processor that has shaped today’s computer

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