Infolinks Pros and Cons: Offers you must learn before joining Infolinks

Infolinks pros and cons: After Google AdSense, the best option for publishers trying to make money online placing Ads on their websites is Infolinks.

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With infoLinks , you can create a publishers account, generate your Ads code and place them on your blog to start earning per clicks or per 1000 Ads views on your Ads.

But before we look clearly on infolinks pros and cons and other details concerning how it works, lets answer a question many bloggers has been confused about online.

HIwap earning

infolinks pros and cons:Can it Work with Google AdSense?

This is one reason why Infolinks is a good option and extra income source to publishers , as it can be used together with AdSense.


Unlike other advertising networks where you cannot place their ads on a site using AdSense ads , Infolinks can be used on a site with AdSense.

You can integrate Infolinks Ads on your site as an additional monetization and income source to your blog even when you have AdSense already integrated. that does not violate AdSense policies.

Infolinks pros and cons: Why Infolinks is recommended over AdSense

  • It takes time and effort to get AdSense approval but in the case of Infolinks, you can easily get approved
  • It offers various advertising products such as in frame, in-text, in-fold, and in-tag etc.
  • Steps to apply For Infolinks Is very easy and can be done by every newbie

Infolinks Ads Type:

Infolinks offers six different Ads types for publishers. you can learn here and how they function

How much money can infolinks generate:

Just like when you use AdSense Ads, The amount you make depends on how many people click on your ads and where your clicks comes from.

To make more money from InfoLinks Ads, you need good traffic. The amouy of traffic you get determine your earning.

Traffic from Asian countries such as India don’t usually convert. You can make more money when you generate traffic from Western countries. e.g USA

Infolinks Pros

  • Infolinks Ads easily get approved in less than 48hrs after application
  • Infolinks ads are easy to customize and easy to setup.
  • You can use Infolinks Ads on multiple websites after first approval.
  • They don’t only pay pay click, they also pay for ever 1000 views on your Ads.
  • Your website loading speed isn’t affected with Infolinks ads
  • You can request payout every 45days after reaching their payment threshold $50 and you get paid via PayPal

InfoLinks Cons

  • Payment is extremely low for Asian countries e.g India
  • Ads display isn’t as fancy as AdSense ads

How can i make money From Infolinks

Having learnt some of the Infolinks pros and Cons, you can start now monetizing your blog with Infolinks using below step by step guides on how to earn money online using Infolinks ads.

Conclusion: InfoLinks Pros and Cons

This article isn’t a complete review about Infolinks, it’s just Infolinks pros and Cons to show you few things you need to know about Infolinks Ads before your get started using it on your blog.

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