Industry 4.0 and internet stuff are at the heart of EMO Hanover 2019

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Industry 4.0 and internet stuff are at the heart of EMO Hanover 2019

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The dynamics of the world economy are slowing down, but the global development of the use of metalworking machines remains stable, organizers of the fair Christoph Miller, Stephanie Meckler and Ivan Georgiev have talked about the trends in the industry that will be reflected on the EMO Hannover 2019 exhibition. CeBIT has remained in history, but high tech in autumn will take over the fair in Hannover.

From September 16 to 21, under the slogan “Smart Technologies Managing Tomorrow’s Production!”, Will be the 22nd edition of EMO, the world’s leading exhibition of machinery and metalworking technology. The focus of this year’s event is the latest “smart technology” for building an intelligent factory and IoT (Internet of Things) in production.

According to Christophe Miller, director of trade fairs in VDW, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the construction of a modern, intelligent factory is crucial for the overall building of people’s networks, installation and business processes along the whole chain of additions. value. According to Miller, today we are investing not only in machines, but looking for complete solutions.

For this purpose, in co-operation with the VDW Software Association and the Forum of Industrial Leadership with lectures and debates. The interface of the universal tooling tool (interface of machine tools) will be presented, which ensures neutral, open connection of machines with IT systems.

Especially for IoT’s proposals and products, a special exhibition space will be set up in which participants will be able to present their achievements in the field of management, software and automation technology. This year’s exhibition will be awarded for the first time with a special award “Digital Innovation in Production”, and a prize fund worth 10,000 euros.

Visitors will be able to see not only the machines but also the accompanying IT equipment in all areas – from planning, design and design to final production. More and more industries work with layered printing technologies – so-called 3D printing – in aviation, automotive, machine and medical equipment.

The survey conducted among EMO visitors in 2017 showed that one-fifth are interested in 3D printing machines – this year, manufacturers of three-dimensional printers and consumables will be a special place. The Hannover exhibition is also geared towards start-ups because, according to Miller, new businesses need money, experience and customer contacts.

That is why potential start-up partners and potential sponsors are also invited. There is an increasing need for industry experts, so there is an initiative to recruit new candidates. The two-day career fair for exhibitors and clients EMO 2019 will be held on September 17 and 18 and target groups of academics and professionals with occupations.

A special exhibition of young people with an emphasis on digitization in education is planned. The goal is to increase enthusiasm for gaining technical interest among students. As far as global industry locations are concerned, data shows that it reduces the dynamics of the world market for metal cutting machines.

But the world economy is growing well and boasts 2,6% growth for Asia, 2,1% for the US and 1,4% for Europe. Asia is a driving force in the world of machine tools and makes the largest investment in the sector. Bulgaria is also developing in the field of metalworking and exporting products; has a lot of capacity, but also a place for new investments, Miller said.

Low levels of unemployment and low interest rates among Bulgaria’s advantages. According to GTAI (German Trade and Investment), Bulgarian GDP will increase this year by 3.7%, more than the previous one. For Europe as a whole, economic experts from Oxford Economics expect growth of only 1.4 percent.

According to GTAI, gross investment in Bulgaria will increase by 6.8% after 9% reported last year. The growth path is supported by investing in the automotive industry and its suppliers as well as engineering. An important indicator of industrial modernization is the consumption of metalworking machines.

Bulgaria is estimated at EUR 163 million last year; of which Bulgaria imports metalworking machines for about EUR 130 million, and Germany is the most important supplier for our country, followed by Italy, Taiwan, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

Stephanie Meckler, head of “Visits and Joint Shows” at Deutsche Mesh Hannover, Germany, said that digitization has led to changes in industry, business models and manufacturing sectors. According to her, there are two mechanisms that drive sector – that is industry 4.0 and the interconnection of different machines and process participants.

Mecller said that for several months under EMO 2020, the exhibition will be in partnership with the new generation of mobile operators. Next year, the latest 5G technology will be featured on the first test field in the world at the Hannover Fair.

More than 1900 exhibitors from 46 countries were registered by the end of March, and three companies – RAIS from Pazardzhik, ZMM Bulgaria Holding, Sofia and VSK Kentavar from Dryanova – were registered for the event, said Ivan Georgiev, representative of Deutsche Mesh AD for Bulgaria. About 300 experts from our country visited last year’s EMO from Hannover.

Industry 4.0 and internet stuff are at the heart of EMO Hanover 2019

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