ImageRanger – Easily finds desired images

ImageRanger – Easily finds desired images

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With a single preview, it looks at all the data, recognizes faces ImageRanger has a simple interface and advanced image search capabilities.

Accumulation of huge image collections is common to today’s “digital” person who is constantly recording his smartphone or digital camera. Finding a particular photo can be a serious challenge. The ImageRanger program solves this problem.

When a search searches for all available data, it recognizes faces and GPS coordinates thanks to sophisticated algorithms. Many users will likely like the program to be cloud-based – installed on the computer and working locally. There is a simplified interface showing large volumes to see the pictures you are looking for.

Removing the board provides easy access to search pages, setting project parameters, adding ratings, managing keywords, and reviewing file information. ImageRanger supports impressive variety of formats and relies on a powerful search engine that displays search results in seconds in selected drives and folders.

Keyword filters, image enlargement and reduction are secured, “custom” image selection. You can set different filters – during recording, file name, size, face content, geo tagging, orientation, resolution, contrast, brightness, metadata, or rating. On the other hand, filters can be turned off to reduce search results.

In addition, the program supports the ability to create folders and collections to store their favorite images in them.

Generally, ImageRanger is a useful image discovery tool that recognizes all kinds of image data and gives a structured result in just a few seconds.

ImageRanger – Easily finds desired images

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