Iconic Linux media is closing the door

Iconic Linux media is closing the door

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The tech giants have beaten us up, say the Linux community seems to be losing out and are taking free software for granted, says the founder of the Linux Journal. Linux Journal, the oldest Linux kernel and distribution magazine, to close the project.

Edition editor Kyle Rankin said goodbye to readers in a letter posted on the magazine’s website, stating that the Linux Journal “closed its doors forever” on August 7, 2019. to keep working. The website will continue to operate over the next few weeks, probably longer, for archival purposes, “Rankin wrote. The Linux Journal is a monthly technology magazine that covers topics related to Linux and free software.

The first issue of the magazine in 1994 was published by Phil Hughes and Bob Young, co-founder of Red Hat. The magazine dropped the paper version in 2011. Rankin recalls that he had already published a farewell letter to close the magazine in 2017. But a little later, the magazine received funding to help revive it. “We started working and everything seemed very promising,” Rankin said.

The positive changes include the expansion of the Deep Dive section that publishes detailed technology articles. According to him, everything looked like Linux The Journal could soon secure an independent existence, however, the rebuilding of the project was not fast enough and the financial support had grown before it happened explaining the reasons for stopping the magazine, Rankin cites his previous farewell letter, written in 2017.

He noted that “the Linux community seemed lost” and took “Linux and free software for granted.” But “even though Linux and free software won the battle against the tech giants ten years ago, over time the new (giants) have taken their places and we left them to win,” Rankin said.

Iconic Linux media is closing the door

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