Huawei will present its first prototype car in a few days

Huawei will present its first prototype car in a few days

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Huawei announced the record-breaking sale of smartphones in 2018. and plan to be even more successful this year. The big goal of the Chinese giant will be to surpass Samsung and become a global leader in the mobile industry.

Time will show if this will happen, but Huawei continues to invest in the development of various innovative technologies. The company will soon display its first prototype of the car.

This will be used at the Shanghai Fair, which is already being held in China and will last until April 24th. The Chinese manufacturer has already launched a joint project with the local brand Dongfeng and invested $ 450 million, but their co-operation will not be limited to the automotive segment, but will also be deployed in the 5G technology and the Internet Platform of Things, reported by Mirror.Co.Uk.

The technical specifications of the car are not yet known, but of course the interest of Huawei to enter this segment of the market. However, it should be noted that this is not the only brand in a crowded country that is interested in this idea.

Xiaomi also has prototypes of cars and the competition among them in this segment is likely to be interesting. It remains to be clear which innovations will be offered to us by the first Huawei car.

Huawei will present its first prototype car in a few days

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