Huawei surpassed Samsung and is now the world’s second largest tablet maker

Huawei surpassed Samsung and is now the world’s second-largest tablet maker

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Huawei has already surpassed Apple and has long established itself as the world’s second-largest smartphone maker. The company continues to enjoy good sales and has now achieved the same achievement in the tablet market as well.

The latest Digitimes data show that Huawei shifted from this position to Samsung and at this point only Apple has registered more sales in this segment. Analysts predict the delivery of tablets to decrease by about 8.7% in the current quarter.

These processes may adversely affect Huawei’s attempts to take second place on tablets in the long run. However, the Chinese giant continues to aggressively expand its position and appears to be a matter of time before Samsung.

Special data show that in the period January-March, a total of 37.1 million tablets were sold, which is a decrease of 12.9% compared to the previous quarter. At the same time, however, these figures represent an increase of 13.8% compared to the same period in 2018.

There is a tendency for consumers to become more and more interested in larger tablets. Compact models with sizes from 7-8 inches saw a decline in demand of 6.7%. The unusual fact is that two-thirds of the new offers of manufacturers are at least 10 inches in size.

The situation is expected to remain in the period from April to June, where the performance of leading brands will be identical to performance in the first quarter. Time will tell how long it takes Huawei to come out in front of Apple in the tablet market.

Huawei surpassed Samsung and is now the world’s second-largest tablet maker

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