Huawei launches 100 packages of Mate 30 Pro with FreeBuds 3 on the Bulgarian market

Huawei launches 100 packages of Mate 30 Pro with FreeBuds 3 on the Bulgarian market

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From January 30, Huawei, along with its partners A1, Telenor, Vivacom, Technopolis and Technomarket, will launch the Bulgarian Mate 30 Pro in Space Silver color complete with FreeBuds Black Wireless Headset 3.

The offer is limited to 100 pieces and is accompanied with a Premium service that will make the first Huawei AppGallery smartphone owners special in our country.

The Huawei Mate 30 combines excellence in performance based on artificial intelligence and mobile photography and videography, leading the DxO Mark mobile camera test. In addition to its exceptional hardware, the Mate 30 Pro also features as Huawei’s first flagship to change the status quo in the mobile market.

It is based on the open platform AOSP running Android 10 with EMUI 10 without Google services (GMS). At the heart of its ecosystem is Huawei AppGallery, the company’s own store, where you’ll find more Huawei and third-party apps.

They work with an ever expanding software tool known as Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). HMS is also at the heart of the ecosystem of Huawei-related devices and services such as Mobile Cloud, Themes, Browser and more.

The Huawei FreeBuds 3 is an open-source wireless case based on the company’s first Kirin A1 clean chip, which is also the world’s first Bluetooth 5.1 chipset. They feature high sound quality thanks to the large dynamic 14.2mm driver and intelligent two-way noise reduction.

The ambient noise is isolated to the extent desired by the user, and the sound transmitted across the line is crystal clear thanks to a microphone and bone vibration sensor. FreeBuds 3 also offers wireless charging, including directly from the Mate 30 Pro and many other features that work optimally with the EMUI 10 that comes with the smartphone.

In our country, Huawei is launching its limited edition Mate 30 Pro + Free Buds 3 at BGN 1999 for free for sale or with affordable subscription plans from mobile operators. The quantity is limited to 100 and the first 100 Bulgarian customers, who will become part of a new era in the mobile market, will receive a Premium Service post-sale service.

Includes one-time free screen or rear panel replacement in the first 6 months in the event of a malfunction, free door-to-door warranty repairs, specialized telephone line service, and the possibility of individual consulting with a technical advisor.

Huawei is a consumer-oriented company and is proactively seeking their opinions. It focuses on development activities to meet and exceed the expectations of those who believe in it as quickly as possible.

For her, the 100 owners of Huawei Mate 30 in Bulgaria are partners in building a new, more comfortable and quality lifestyle, communicated as Se seamless AI Life. Therefore, within the Premium service, they are also given the opportunity to participate in a Huawei Consumer Experience Survey with the Mate 30 Pro.

The company is grateful in advance to anyone who fills out the registration form at, who agrees to contact their team in person and, after answering their questions, send a gift to Huawei Band 4 within one business week by courier at their designated address.

The Mate 30 Pro with Free Buds 3 and Premium Service with the Huawei Band 4 Admission will be on display and can be purchased from January 30 from the following locations in Sofia:

Telenor in the mall on Blvd. Yosheradsko’s “Constantinople 115”.
A1 at the Sofia Shopping Center at 101 Alexander Stamboliski Boulevard.
Vivacom at the Cherni Bull 100 Paradise Center.
Technopolis Youth on 265 circles
Tech Market at Blvd. Constantinople 92

Huawei launches 100 packages of Mate 30 Pro with FreeBuds 3 on the Bulgarian market

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