Huawei accused the US of cyber-attacks and intimidation

Huawei accused the US of cyber-attacks and intimidation

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Escalation of tensions between the company and US authorities Washington uses threats and intimidation of former and current Huawei employees who end up making arrests, say Chinese company.

Huawei Technologies, China’s leading telecommunications equipment and smartphone manufacturer, has publicly accused the US government for unlawful actions against the company and its employees.

Huawei’s official Twitter account says US authorities are trying to undermine Huawei’s work with all the tools they have, SiliconAngle reported. “The fact is that the US government’s claims are not substantiated by the evidence. We condemn these actions that aim to discredit the company,” Huawei said.

According to a Chinese company, Washington uses cyber attacks against Huawei’s internal network, threatening and intimidating former and current employees who end up in arrests.

According to Huawei, this is sometimes the use of FBI agents. The statement comes after the Wall Street Journal published an article stating that Huawei is the subject of a new U.S. Department of Justice investigation into technology theft.

According to US media, a Portuguese multimedia equipment maker has complained about the theft of technology. New charges may require the Huawei administration to subpoena New York.

Huawei accused the US of cyber-attacks and intimidation

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