HTC has added support for cryptocurrency swaps in EXODUS 1

HTC has added support for cryptocurrency swaps in EXODUS 1

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Taiwanese electronics manufacturer HTC has added support for cryptocurrency swaps to its blockchain smartphone EXODUS 1, Coindesk reports. The function was realized thanks to the partnership with the Kyber Network startup, the liquidity protocol of which NTS has integrated into its Zion Vault wallet.

Now, EXODUS 1 users can swap between ERC-20 tokens, such as Brave’s Basic Attention Token and MakerDAO Steablocoin DAI, directly through the wallet. The NTS claims that swaps are performed entirely within the network.

“The ability to exchange ERC-20 within the network at Zion Vault, without relying on third-party exchanges, is another step in expanding user capabilities and ensuring maximum security and privacy, which is the main mission of EXODUS,” said Phil Chen, head of decentralized technology.

He also shared some details regarding the new-generation blockchain smartphone of the new generation with the integrated functionality of the full Bitcoin node. So, Chen noted that the new device will be more budget, and said that although the bitcoin blockchain takes up quite a lot of space, HTC expects that they will be able to provide the necessary amount of memory.

“Imagine an iPod with 256 gigabytes … Of course, the music lover wants to save the entire music library, and a fan of cryptocurrency wants to save the entire Bitcoin blockchain,” said Chen.

Recall, HTC began to develop a blockchain smartphone in May last year and after its release to the market, the company said that sales of EXODUS 1 fully met expectations.

HTC has added support for cryptocurrency swaps in EXODUS 1

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