HP rejected a $ 33 billion offer from Xerox

HP rejected a $ 33 billion offer from Xerox

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HP Inc. again rejected the proposal to buy Xerox. Representatives of the IT giant said potential buyers “seriously underestimate” the real value of the company, Bloomberg reported.

Xerox reported on Monday to HP’s board of directors that it had received $ 24 billion in financing guarantees. In fact, the proposed amount is $ 33 billion.
But in a letter sent to the CEO of Xerox on Wednesday, HP management said “the announced amount would not be a reason to discuss any agreement.”

HP’s board of directors continues to advocate for the interests of all shareholders of the company and strive for the most profitable opportunities, according to the IT corporation.

Xerox, a computer and printmaker, has repeatedly rejected the takeover bid, saying its restructuring plan will give shareholders more value.

Investor Carl Aikan owns approximately 10.6% of Xerox and 4.24% of HP. He is one of the supporters of the download. Carl Aikan called the merger of the two companies in November an inevitable fact.

HP rejected a $ 33 billion offer from Xerox

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