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How to Write SEO articles to drive visitor from google search engine

I was thinking of a new post idea this morning when a Facebook message came in from a friend asking me how to Write SEO articles so i have decided to share with you here.

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Before You set up to write a new SEO friendly blog post , am sure you should have made your complete research about the said headlines and post idea.

When writing blog posts, Your aim is to make sure your blog readers understands your main point and the reason for your blog post.

Inasmuch as writing blog posts that your readers will grasp remain very important to bloggers , you may need some writing structures such as paragraphs, headings and subheadings to give more clear understanding about your blog post.

If Your blog readers can find Your articles helpful, they are more likely to share, Tweet, like and also link back to your posts thereby increasing your blog ranking.

It’s Necessary to write for readers so also it’s important to write for SEO since our target as a blogger is getting organic traffic.

The both aspects of writing are so crucial that you must not leave any aspect unfulfilled.

If You are a blogger who focus only on writing for SEO, you may end up loosing your blog readers, since you will end up surfing keywords which will in turn affect your post readability check.

Therefore when writing, it’s important you focus on your readers view instead of SEO. But make sure you strategically embed your SEO practices in a way that it won’t affect your post readability.

In This article , am going to show you some helpful tips on how to write seo articles

how to write seo articles

Some bloggers are random blog writers, they just write what comes into their mind. Though it’s not a bad blog writing practice. To others they may need to do some research and write according to their research.

To me , when ever i want to write seo articles, below steps are the steps i carefully follow.

  • Sit Down A Bit and Think:

    I don’t usually advice bloggers to pick up their writing tools and start writing immediately.

    When ever i want to write SEO articles that will rank on google and also please my readers , i will sit down a bit to think about the main idea behind my blog post.

    Writing SEO friendly article is something you must sit well to properly structure else you may end up writing only for SEO and at the end displeasing your blog readers.

    When you sit down to think, during this cogitation, you will know how to structure your post to drive visitor from google and as well Please your blog readers.

    Sit down a bit to ask yourself some certain questions like ( What is the main purpose of your blog post, And how will this post help your readers, how would you want your readers to interact at the end of the post?) .

  • Your Blog Post Structure:

    You you go ahead to start writing a new SEO friendly article, There are some structures you must follow to make your post outstanding and also enhance your readability check.

    In every post you create , you are expected to include the below style:

    1. Your Article Introduction
    2. The body of Your blog Post(Which is the main message)
    3. The conclusion of your post which may include the summary of your article.

    After structuring Your Blog post in the above manner, You can now start your writing:

Tips to Write SEO and Readers friendly articles

  • Use SEO friendly Headlines:

    Your headline Will interpret the meaning of your post to your readers and search engines.

    You should also use Sub-Headings in your blog posts to make your readers understand the main idea behind your post.

    In Your Heading and Subheadings, make sure you strategically input your SEO research keywords , but use them in a way that makes sense and passes the meaning of your post to your readers and search engines.

  • Use Signal in Your writing:

    Signal words will allow your blog readers to understand the main idea behind your post.

    e.g If you have three Reasons why bloggers fail as your headline, You can go like Firstly , secondly and Finally.

    Those signal words are more likely to earn your blog post more meaning and easy to understand.

    Other words like : Therefore, Nevertheless etc are important signal words you should include your blog post when needed.

  • Let others Read first:

    Before you publishe your article for public view, It will be better you get others to read and review your posts before publishing.

    Though it’s not a must do. If you cannot get others to review your blog posts before publishing, i will recommend you do a thorough review yourself to eradicate certain errors for easy understanding.

    Don’t publish Your blog post without proper edition after the first writing step. it’s never a good practice when it comes to writing SEO and readers friendly Blog posts.

    Google hates seeing errors in your writing, just like your readers does.

    make sure you edit to remove simple errors that can complicate your article comprehension at your readers and search engines end.

  • Optimize Your Article Length:

    A good article length will improve your SEO ranking and also , it will create the impression in your readers mind about your expertise in the subject.

    To write SEO article, Make sure your blog post length is not less than 300words/article.

    If your post length is too long, it can also scare away your blog readers, so make sure you optimize your article length around 700-1000words per article.

    Use 2-3% of your researched keywords in your blog posts. I.e if you Write a blog post of 300 words, You can use your main keywords 3-6times. It’s a good practice when writing SEO friendly article.

  • Interlink Your Blog Posts:

    Whenever you do interlinking to your old blog posts, it earn you more authority on that subject.

    If You already have some related posts to your new articles , try to link back to them.

    Apart from making you an authority blogger, Your readers might also find interest to read those articles, making them spend more time on your blog.

  • Be consistent:

    When you create articles regularly on your blog, it will create the impression on google search engine that your blog is alive.

    If you create articles less often, the count of your returning visitor will reduce and also your ranking may reduce as well.

    Make sure you keep your blog lively by creating and adding relevant article as often as you can.

  • Yoast Remains the best SEO Plugin

    If you must write SEO articles, the yoast SEO WordPress plugin is not exempted.

    • The plugin allows you to formulate a meta description.
    • The plugin analyzes the text you write. It calculates a Flesch reading ease score, which indicates the readability of your article.
    • It checks whether or not you used your keyword in 5 important
      locations: the article-heading, the
      title of the page, the URL of the
      page, the content of the article and
      the meta-description.
    • The plugin also checks the presence of links in your article and the presence of images in the article.
    • It calculates the number of words and the density of usage of the focus keyword in the article.
    • Above that, the plugin also checks whether or not other pages on your website use the same focus keyword, to prevent you from competing with yourself.

    If You can complete all of the above steps as mentioned above, Your Yoast SEO plugin will indicate good Signal which means your post is ready to rank on google.

    It is not necessary you make all your dots appear green but if your score can show you (Good) as the overall result , then you are good to go.

    If You use other blogging platforms where you cannot make use of the Yoast SEO plugin, You can check out this Page analytics tool to properly analys your contents.

You Just Learnt How to write SEO articles

The era where SEO tricks and some fetish SEO practices can help your blog posts rank on google has long ended.

If You must rank your blog posts on google, then you must learn to follow all the available SEO writing rules to write SEO and Readers friendly article.

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  1. I must commend that you are a genius, and I love what you are doing here, you writing style very amazing and worth commending. I like how well you are given to details without missing a pin. I have spent hours today on your blog reading and learning from one post to another and I am sure my blogging life will take a new curve. However, I am still having issues with generating post ideas because you stated up there that you had such issue today until you got a message from someone. please, I look forward to your very insightful and helpful response.

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