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Blogging over the years have turned out to be a lucrative job to do. I call it a job because it pay people’s bill. With everyone venturing into blogging, not all are capable of earning dollars worth bragging on.

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Only few know truly what blogging entails and that few people are who can write articles that rank.

You can’t write articles that rank on Google first page that is why you are here right. Let’s get down to business.

On this page, I will be teaching you on how to write search engine optimized articles that rank on Google at search engine result page.

However, there are many ways to increase traffic on website but to rank your post on Google first page might be a very hard task so you’ll need the help of what we call backlinks to outrank some competitors and dominate Google.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks can be classified into do-follow backlink and no-follow and each class have a work it does to improve the web performance of a webpage. With do-follow links meaning links pointing to your webpage and vetting it that it contains a very helpful material. That way Google spider in charge of analytic algorithm will see your page as a very useful page thus moving its position on SERP’s to a position that higher.

No-follow links on the other side means otherwise, but if you can have a no-follow link from top websites (web 2.0) such as Punch, Vanguard, Wiki, Wikipedia e.t.c These links are strong enough to boost your page rankings as these sites are authority already as seen by Google so if they are linking to you, they are linking to a helpful content.

Let’s cut it here, back to why you are on this page which is you want to know how to write articles that rank on Google.

how to write articles that rank on Google

Step by Step Guide to writing articles that rank on Google first page

  1. Do keyword Research

This is a very easy thing to do, Kennedy Prosper explains here better on how to do keyword research so I think you should jump on his train to discovering potential keywords for your blog.

  1. Write Eye Catching Titles

This makes sense to me if it doesn’t to you. Imagine if you’re writing on an article that solves a problem. E.g How to format a Laptop

These are titles you’ll see – Step by Step guide to format a laptop

What do you think a user would do if he see’s your title to be – Format a laptop in 2 minute [Quick Fix]

No doubt the user is going to click on your link as he is desperately in need on a guide to format his laptop quickly.

  1. Write Useful Content That Attract Traffic

Google Trends will help you over this. Search the latest topic in Google trends as per your target location. Now, from Google trends you can get information over the most searched topics for last 24 hours:

Or, you can get trending topics over custom time-frame as per your requirements. After searching the latest hot topics, please write quality news articles or research contents over them and post that on your website.

If Google see you to provide up to date contents, it will pick you up as an authority over petty competitors that write on keywords alone.

  1. Use PPC Meta Description In Your Page Descriptions

Page descriptions don’t mean shit for SEO! You could include your keyword in them but it isn’t going to help your rankings. A lot of people will say to include the keyword in the description anyway to help with the click through because the person is likely to click on the page if they see the same keyword they just searched for.

It makes sense but if you look at some descriptions they just look so awkward with the keyword slapped in there.. Nobody is going to be impressed and want to click on some bullshit just because it includes a keyword.. I get all my description copy ideas from people that are spending crazy money testing ads. PPC advertisers!

I will do a Google search related to the topic of the page I am writing a description for and look at the top PPC ads. Keep in mind here these advertisers are spending heaps of money split testing copy and they aren’t just pulling random lines of copy out of their ass! They value their money too much to do that, so I look at the best ads and get my description copy there. PPC ads on top are spending the most and have the best click through so it is a good source of copy that attracts people to make them want to click.

Try it! A lot of people have good rankings but their descriptions suck so bad nobody clicks on their page – Top ranks are worthless unless they entice people to click on them.

With so much being discussed, you might also be interested in checking out a very competitive game online for bloggers; checkmate gaming. Try it out and see for yourself.

Over to you, Is this article in any way very helpful or you have some questions in mind? Feel free to use the comment box and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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