How to write a privacy policy page for your blog using privacy policy generator

Privacy policy  Page is a revelation data about how the site accumulates any data from the guests and about the promotions served.

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It is an important page every blog must have

It gives a validity and reliability to your blog.

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Even Adsense serving programs including Google AdSense searches for a privacy policy page on your blog before supporting you in their advertising system.


Henceforth, it turns into a need to add a privacy policy page also known as security approach page to your blog.

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In this article, I will reveal to you how to make a protection approach page (privacy policy page) and add it to your blog.

Creating a privacy policy page for your blog

You can either make a privacy policy page strategy yourself on the off chance that you have required learning (I. E if you know how to)

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Be that as it may, the greater part of the bloggers don’t know how to make an ideal protection arrangement for their online journals/blogs.

Create your privacy policy page using privacy policy generator

All things considered, there are a few outsider security arrangement generators/privacy policy generators which will take the necessary steps for you free of charge.

In this content , I am utilizing one such administration given by

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Go to the SerpRank privacy policy  generator page Here

The page will request your Site URL and Email Address.

If your blog use cookies (if you are serving advertising, your blog is most likely using it), select Yes, we use cookies option.

Select the monetization program you are using on your blog.

Like below

Privacy policy page

After that check if you have filled all the form correctly the select “create my privacy policy ” botton

Adding the privacy policy page on your blog {blogspot blogs and WordPress }

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For Blogger Blog: Open your Blogger Dashboard > Pages.

Paste the content you have copy on that page and click on publish button

For wordpress

WordPress Blog at that point go to your Dashboard > Pages > add New

Make another clear page and paste  the security policy in the content body and title your page as “privacy policy “

then click on publish button

You have successful made and Publish Privacy policy page for your blog.

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