How to write a blog post in less than an hour (see trick)

When it comes to internet marketing content is king. And it important for your  SEO

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But, there are some times when you will have alot  of things to do like me and all this things need your attention and you are willing to write a blog post at the same time then how will you do that? Come and see trick to write a killer blog post in less than an hour keep reading…….

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What to do Before You start Writing your post

Firstly research your topic before writing.


Every body need this  You might already be an expert and have a great writing skills but you should still do research to confirms what you know.

The research phase should happen at least a day before you sit down to write your article. This happens by talking to people, checking out articles or other studies and researching information.

Let it simmer and write down your thoughts, questions and ideas for a day or two before you sit down to write your article.

Note:- ( this one is for beginners I don’t even follow this step but if in case you are not good in writing it’s a most to follow) 

Now, you are ready to start.

Stay far away from distractions.

This includes phone Calls, email, social media, noise making  and people interruptions. Off every social media notifications on your phone just do anything you can do to avoid distractions

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And then you can set a timer to the amount of minutes you want to use but this is optional

Come up with your post title

Make sure you make your title  catchy and mind blowing.

Try as much as possible to come up with a good header

Use a question, include urgency or tell a story in your title. Use active words.

Sometimes Longer headings are usually better as they are able to better capture the long-tail phrase that you are targeting.

For example, “How To Train A Circus Bear” is a lot more likely to get your target audience’s attention than “Circus Bears.” Better yet, the headline “How To Train A Circus Bear Without Abusing The Bear” is even more precise.

Summarise  main points of your content in the introduction.

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What makes your topic important?

Consider telling a story to introduce your topic. Did you have an experience? Did a customer recently experience something related? Ask a few questions that you are planning to answer in your article.

Focus on feelings. Feelings are what make things important to us.

What feelings does this topic bring out? Are your viewers scared, intimidated, stressed, angry or discouraged? Empathize with them and then show them how your article is going to help them.

Use sections when writing your article.

These should be your subhead topics.

Similar to your heading, you should write compelling subheadings related to your topic. This gives you a flow for your article.

When I write my subheadings, I usually include two or three critical aspects of that topic. Write what you want to cover under that subheading and why it’s important.

Don’t get bogged down in the details. Keep writing. If you need to check a fact, highlight it so you can check it later.

Don’t edit your article or get caught in the details. Just flesh it out messy. Get your ideas down.

Writing  your conclusion

Your conclusion should cover the main points of your article. Refer back to your intro story. Highlight the benefit of acting now. Encourage your readers and inspire them. Then, ask them a question.

Your question can be used to encourage them to stay tuned for your next blog post, to comment or to take action of some sort and you can ask them to share their thought through the comments section and share your article

Remember These Key Tips when writing

• Short sentences and paragraphs keep readers’ attention.

• Ask questions to keep them reading to find out the answer.

• Make your article easy to scan, read and understand by your visitors by using bullet points in your headings

Wrapping up :

Writing can be intimidating, but it is vital especially for seo.

I have found and use  this method effective in cutting away the distractions and making my writing more focused. Fortunately, the more you go through the “practice” of writing articles in an hour, the easier it will become. Even if you have a hard time writing, you can do it!

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  1. Victor said:

    Nice one bro.
    I agree so much with that part that has to do with staying away from distractions.

    I have the believe that good writing as a blogger isn’t just about knowing how to fix the grammar but able knowing how to convey your message in the easiest way possible and you’ve just explained it all.

    Nice one bro.

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    October 25, 2018
    • Am glad the content help

      I Hope you will come back for more writing tip

      October 27, 2018
  2. RAPHEAL said:

    Nice one and well said. i am just a beginer, i just started blogging not quite long. i really hope this little but vital information will make me become one of the top bloggers in the nearest future

    October 25, 2018
    • Yea use the above tips and try and put more effort in no time you will reach where you are going
      Hope you will come back for more writing tip?

      October 27, 2018

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