How to Start Affiliate marketing in Nigeria: The ultimate Guide

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Have your been hearing about affiliate Marketing, Affiliate programs and the likes, and you’re wandering how to start affiliate marketing in nigeria? well i have a guide to get you started and make money online as a affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

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Indeed affiliate marketing in Nigeria is gradually becoming a lucrative online business due to many reasons we shall be discussing in this article. and due the many advantages included in this online marketing system, newbies are searching curiously for how to start affiliate marketing in nigeria.

However, before we go into discussing the topic of the day “how to start affiliate marketing in nigeria” let’s understand what’s affiliate marketing, Affiliate program and how it can help you make money online in Nigeria with or without cost.

What is affiliate Marketing in Nigeria and Outside Nigeria?

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria remains just like it’s globally. In order words, Affiliate marketing in Nigeria maintain the model as it in India, China, Ghana, UK, US, Kenya and worldwide

In a simple definition, Affiliate marketing is an online marketing system where you sell already made products of other people to earn commissions.

In order words, You don’t need to own your product before you get started as an Affiliate marketers, instead you will have to promote another mans products for some certain amount of Affiliate commissions. In a situation where you have your own Digital products for sale online then we say its “Information or digital marketing.

This marketing model is set up to help products owners make more money through the help of Affiliate marketers who helps in broadcasting and creating awareness about their products even with the absence of the product owners.

E.g: Mr Kennedy Prosper launched an eBook on the crazy hack to get organic traffic with ease So, instead of selling product alone, he included an Affiliate section to help anyone who can help create awareness and sell his EBook earn some fixed commission for every successful sale.

That’s a real definition of Affiliate marketing. While the person promoting the products is termed an Affiliate marketer.

How does Affiliate marketing works

As an Affiliate marketer, you will only have to look for a product you can promote for commission and these products must be high in demand to get more sales.

Every Affiliate program have a registration portal where you will own your management dashboard to get your Affiliate link, See your Affiliate stats, Your earning, Request withdrawal and other necessities.

As soon as you register, you can start promotion immediately to earn for every successful sale.

In a pure Affiliate marketing, you don’t get paid unless you make a sale. Until you make your first sale your Affiliate balance remains Zero.

While other Affiliate marketing models such as:

  • Pay per Click

    This Affiliate model allows you to get paid even when you don’t make sales. You get paid spending on the numbers of persons you referred to the Affiliate site through your referral link.

  • Pay per Lead:

    This Affiliate model allows you make money even without making sales. You will only refer users to sign up with their emails, Complete surveys, Download etc and you will earn commission. It’s also called CPA marketing (Cost per action) Where you get paid when users take actions via your CPA link.

Can Affiliate marketing be a career in Nigeria?

sure: Affiliate marketing can be a career as many internet marketers already take it as a career and even a lucrative one.

Certainly after reading this post you will understand if you can make Affiliate marketing a Career or not.

Advantages of Affiliate marketing as an online business

Below are some of the advantages and the reasons why Affiliate marketing is a good online business in Nigeria.

  • There’s no limit to the amount you can make

    In Affiliate marketing the amount you make depends on you and your marketing strategies.

    It’s sure you can make millions from Affiliate marketing. example of a Nigeria blogger who makes millions from konga Affiliate program is Mr Pascal Okafor of ( He won Konga best seller award of 1Million Naira in 2014

    When you have more visitors to your blog as an Affiliate marketer, you will earn high since the exposures to your Affiliate products will be high as well.

  • Low StarT Up Capital

    Incase you’re searching for how to start affiliate marketing in nigeria and you are wandering if it may cost you some big setup fee: You don’t need huge Capital to get started with Affiliate marketing

    All you need as an Affiliate marketer is a Domain name and Hosting Plan which may even cost you as low as 4,500Naira per year. With this you will set up an Affiliate site.

    The real cost of Affiliate marketing lies in content creation which you can do yourself if you’ve learnt to write SEO articles

    After creating your Affiliate website, you will have to create awareness about your blog, Drive traffic/Visitors and expect sales.

  • Not technical Skills:

    You don’t need any technical skills to get started as an Affiliate marketer. Even if you don’t know how create your Affiliate site, you can hire someone to do it for you.

    Content writing is something everyone can do but you only need to learn how to structure your articles to get visitors from google because that’s what you need most as an Affiliate marketer

    Affiliate marketing is an online business anyone can venture and make money with or without technical skills.

Disadvantages of Affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Below are some of the reasons why you may not want to venture Affiliate marketing.

  • It’s not a get Rich overnight Scheme

    Just like you know, we always tell you the truth about what ever we write here.

    Before you venture Affiliate marketing as an online business, it may also please you to know that it’s not a get Rich overnight scheme as this business takes time and effort to establish.

    Having picked an Affiliate product and After creating your Affiliate site, you don’t start getting sales instantly. instead, you will create values in the lives of your loyal audience with you relevant contents, Drive more visitors from google search engine : after which you can now expect smooth sales.

    Usually, it may take up to 1-2 yrs befores you can start experiencing smooth sales depending on your work and effort.

  • Self Discipline is required:

    Just like you need shelf discipline in your offline business, so also it’s applied in your online business as an Affiliate marketer.

    You will learn to be patient as an Affiliate marketer. You will learn to give your audience the best even when you’re making nothing yet.

    As soon as sales begin to come, it keeps coming for life.

  • No Control over Commissions

    In Affiliate marketing, the Affiliate company setup their products price while you’re only meant to promote.

    The commissions are fixed by product owners and they aren’t negotiable.

    This is one reason why Affiliate marketing seem differ from other online businesses.

  • There’s Always competitors:

    In every product you lay hands to promote, competitors promoting the same products are already there even before you.

    It may also please you to know this fact before you get started as an Affiliate marketer.

    However, even with competition you can still make it easily as an Affiliate marketer based on your promotion strategies that works.

The above answer gives you some reasons why you should or why you shouldn’t start Affiliate marketing in Nigeria. Having gone through all of the above illustrations, let’s further to how to start Affiliate marketing in Nigeria if you’re Willing to get started.

How to start affiliate marketing in nigeria

Having learnt all of the above, let’s go further on how to start affiliate marketing in nigeria.

  • Select a Lucrative Affiliate Niche

    You aren’t making a pure Affiliate site either. but you need to pick a blogging niche that best match the products you may want to promote in the future.

    Am sure you won’t find any fault in me if you see me promotion Web hosting sites here because i do talk about creating of websites. However, you will Sorely find some fault when you see me promoting music products because that’s not a best match product to what we discuss in here.

    What are the things you have in mind to promote in time to Come? Let your blog and contents be the best match ones to them as that will be easy to drive more sales depending on the type of audience you will get to the blog.

    Would you want to promote mobile phones and gadgets? You can create a blog for such ” What about Selling and promoting health related products? You can also create a health niche Blog, Would you want to recommend web hosting and domain names to earn commissions? Then a niche like this one you’re reading from is best match.

    What about promoting musicals and instruments? You can go for entertainment niche either. What about promoting everything at random? You can create a general review Blog in such case.

  • Create an Affiliate Blog or Social Media

    So you’ve picked a niche you would want to blog about in regards to Affiliate marketing: The next thing is to create a Blog to get started.

    You can either create your Blog online and get it running or create a social media page or group to get started promoting your Affiliate products.

    If you have less skills About creating an Affiliate blog, You can hire someone or learn how to create a blog yourself.

  • Build Traffic to your Blog

    One thing is to create a blog and another thing is to get your site noticed by the audience only in that can you say you’re a blogger or tag yourself a successful Affiliate marketer knowing well that without traffic there’s no sale.

    There are many ways through which your can drive website traffic without SEO as stated here but getting traffic from google has always remains the best since you keep getting loyal visitors which can easily be converted to potential buyers even when you’re off work.

    Am an SEO writer: I have learnt to write great articles that will drive traffic from google in no time. You can hire me to write for you or learn how to structure your articles based on easy to rank keywords research tactics to generate good amount of organic traffic here

  • In a case you’ve chosen to launch your Affiliate marketing via social media. then you will have to start promoting your pages and group to get more likes and fans. Here are some posts that you can refer to:

    Find an Affiliate product

    Now that you’re beginning to get traffic from your Blog, The next thing is to find products with high Affiliate commissions and start your promotion immediately.

    There are many products with high Affiliate commissions online worth promoting irrespective of your blogging niche. You can check out some CPC Affiliate programs here or use google to find products with high Affiliate commissions based on your niche.

  • Promote Your Affiliate products

    Promoting your products has always been easy if you’re getting traffic to your Blog. The best promotion strategies that works are:

    • Products reviews You will have to give reasons why you’re recommending a product either based on your experience or others encounter.

      Readers love buying through appealing reviews. So you will have to pick the best review headlines, and do proper review about the products you’re promoting. Then put your products affiliate links to enable your readers make purchase with your recommendation links.

      With this method, you can get more sales easily especially when you’ve got a large readers base. Here’s example of such reviews

    • Write Tutorials with Step: Each time i write Tutorials on how to create professional blogs, I do add my recommendation links to get hosting and domain names and with this I’ve made some good money promoting my web hosting.

      You can write Tutorials in regards to the products you’re promoting. E.g if you’re promoting Email Marketing tools, You can write Tutorials like How to grow your email lists, How to get more email subscribers and other related Tutorials where you will include your Affiliate links.

      Readers who are interested in your tutors will always use your recommendation links in making purchase thereby earning you some Affiliate commissions.

    • Writing Comparison Articles I have examples of such articles where i strategically recommended my Hosting with my Affiliate Link. E.g an article titled : DomainKing Hosting vs Garanntor Hosting

      You can create SEO articles based on what people are searching for to compare two products e.g “Which is better between Techno mobile and Itel mobile”

      the Audience reading such posts are persons looking forward to get smart phones. You can use your Affiliate links and they will buy via your links.

    • Email Marketing immediately after creating your website, i always recommend you add email newsletter to enable you get subscribers.

      After growing a large list, you can then make money selling and recommending your products via your email list subscribers.

      They know you and your blog and they loved what you offers that’s why they willingly subscribed. They will Always buy from your recommendations knowing how trustworthy and how helpful you have been to them. This is why you must render value with every piece of blog post you create.

Am sure all of the above Steps answered your question on how to start affiliate marketing in nigeria.

Wrapping up:how to start affiliate marketing in nigeria

You’ve just learnt how to start affiliate marketing in nigeria. Here’s the whole summary in one place.

  • Create a Blog
  • Write Most helpful articles based on your niche
  • Drive traffic to your Blog or Social pages
  • Find an Affiliate product worth promoting
  • Now start promoting to make money
  • The higher your website traffic the more you get sales

Affiliate marketing has not been easy but as soon as you’re able to build it, you will keep earning for life.

Yes!! you can make money online from Affiliate marketing in Nigeria but you need to work it out otherwise you may end up with ZERO NAIRA while others keep making 6figures every month.

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