How to Start A successful blog in Nigeria

Let’s briefly discuss on how to start a successful blog in Nigeria. Here we go.

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Without doubt Google has acounted blog, Blogging and blogger as some of the most searched keywords on everyday life around the internet.

start a successful blog in Nigeria

HIwap earning

Too many searches about the stories of the most successful bloggers in Nigeria has driven many so crazy that they just want to start their own successful blog perhaps to make money as well and gain fame online.


Many Bloggers out of the urge and the curiosity to make money online as some of the most successful bloggers in Nigeria (jide Ogunsanya, Linda Ikeji, Seun of Nairaland, Kennedy Prosper of Blogsng etc) has made many people to be publishing fake and crappy news online with the faith to make money easily.

The rise of make money online blogging in Nigeria has brought about the rise of many bloggers and as well has caused the downfall of many bloggers. They keep rushing in daily and after some months they rushed out like they set their feets on hot irons.

The truth of the matter is that every body wants to start a successful blog but not everyone can Adhere to the policies involved in building, creating and maintaining a successful blog.

Have you ever thought of starting or setting up a successful blog in Nigeria but don’t know how to start up? This article will guide you through in creating a successful blog in Nigeria , With today’s article you will know what it takes to build a successful Blog wither paid or free. (keep reading)..

How to Start a successful Blog In Nigeria

Start A Successful Blog: Step1 Get Ready Your Blogging Materials:

In every Offline business You set up for ,there are always materials needed to get started. Blogging is also a business if you address it like a real business.

Since blogging is a business as well you will have to get ready the materials needed to start your blogging as an online business… What are the materials needed to get started?

Your Mobile Phone or PC:

Time without numbers many people keep asking “Can i create a successful blog using mobile phone?” my answer has always remained YES.

If You don’t have money to blog on PC you can get started with your mobile phone and as time goes on you can then upgrade to the next level.

Internet Connection:

One of the problem most Nigerian do face to day is the problem of internet connection.

You can not go on smoothly as a blogger without good internet access. At times you may encounter difficulties loading your pages. Your Location can determine wither you can blog effectively or not.

We still have places where people hardly get strong browsing networks in Nigeria and bloggers in such areas will find it difficult to cope.Locate a good location if you are really interested in blogging.

Your Writing Skills:

If you cannot write what people will read don’t even border to start a blog.

Blogging is all about Writing and creating valuable contents. If you don’t know how to write i have two alternatives for you. It’s either you learn to write or you get yourself some other things doing offline.

If you depend on Copy and paste (steeling from other blogs) to create your own blog chances of getting successful is below 15% . Tell the world i said it.

What about your time:

When people are sleeping we are there blogging, making research and creating articles.

every minutes we gat chances we make use of it effectively to get audience to our blog. As a blogger you need time just like you need time for your offline business.

I don’t expect you to open your shop as an offline business man and go to your house to get some sleep. I know you won’t even try that. You are always sitting at your shop making sales and attending to your customers so also in blogging you need time to grow your blog and build your audience.

if you are too busy to blog don’t start blogging now. just wait till you have time or better still employ people to do the work for you.

Start a successful Blog: Step2 Decide Your Blogging Niche

A niche in blogging is simply the area you are more specialised on. You are not expected to blog on a niche you don’t know much about.

One of the keys to successful blogging is creating a niche blog. If you know how to cook well it will be better you create a food blog, If you are good in doctoring you should create a health blog, If you love music and videos them create a download blog, If you love entertainment you still have the entertainment blogging niche. You can Create a blog about motivational quotes if you are a motivator. just like that…….

We have too many blogging niches on the internet today. You can pick any one to blog about but make sure you choose the blogging niche that your are mostly specialized on.

Start a successful Blog: Step3 Choose domain Name/hosting

Having decided Your Blogging Niche, It’s time you choose a domain name(the name that people will use in accessing your blog).

When Choosing a domain name You should make it short, Easy to remember and easy to spell so that your targeted audience can easily access your blog.

Your web hosting should be from Nigeria so that you can find it very easy to make payment in renewing your web host and domain name even without having a dollar account. (I do make use of DomainKing)

Start a successful Blog: Decide Your Blogging Strategies

Decide Your Blogging Strategies: How you will get traffic to your blog, what way you will use in making money from Your Blog.

If You choose a blogging niche that hardly get organic traffic (traffic from Google) you may find it hard to succeed as a blogger because you may need to work to death on such niches.

When choosing a niche choose the one you can easily get traffic from and the one that have high earning potentials to enable you earn money easily from your blog.

How would You get the kind of straffic you want without having to spend some huge amount of money when you choose to blog entertainment and news? What news do you think You will offer that some bloggers out there haven’t posted on their blogs?

Don’t you think it could be very difficult to rank for such highly competitive niches? it’s better you blog on niches which have the potential to gain more organic traffic as this will enable you gain more traffic even when you work Iess.

Start a successful Blog: Step5 Set Up Your Blog

Now it’s Time to set up your Blog. When setting up your blog You will have to buy domain name and web hosting to host your new blog.

In this section you need technical assistance or skills if you are totally a newbie.

I have stated initially how much it will cost you to set up a successful blog in Nigeria upon completion.

COMCLUSION:Now that you have learnt some steps to start a successful blog in Nigeria it’s important to note that Creating a successful blog is something takes time, Patience and persistence. You can not build your blog to be successful if you need overnight Result.

Blogging is not blood money like i always tell you. It goes serially as you will have to pass many stages before arriving the success stage.

Build, Work , Wait , then expect your success for this is the only principle that works for blogging. let me go now before my mother shout on me i already have my meal on the table see you guys.. but as you leave remember to subscribe to this blog for more updates comment and share this article if you are not the stringy type.

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