How to solve the Facebook notification problem

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How to solve the Facebook notification problem

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The lack of reporting on Facebook may have many unpleasant consequences. But identifying the reasons why your smartphone does not send Facebook notifications is not an easy task because potential culprits are numerous.

Your problem may be caused by a third-party application that manages background processes (such as Greenify). Also, this problem is often encountered by manufacturers who use customized versions of Android that are very aggressive with their battery saving methods.

A good example of this is the Huawei EMUI, which prohibits some applications from running in the background when the phone is idle. Apple’s IOS has a similar approach, but it’s much easier to convert notifications backward.

If you are wondering how to fix the Facebook notification for your phone, check the app information. However, before you begin to follow the instructions below, there are a few simple settings that you should try:

1. Ensure that “Application Notifications” is turned on. The path to it will vary depending on the device you have, but it should be something like Settings> Sound & notifications> Application notifications. You need to see a list of all applications that work with notifications. Tap Facebook to make sure your notifications are not blocked.

2. Try to clear the cache data from the Facebook application and the Messenger application. If notifications still do not appear, try reinstalling the application.

3. Verify that your Facebook application has background data constraints and have included power saving modes that can prevent notifications. Do not focus only on energy-saving features and make sure that you have third party energy saving applications.

Method 1 – enable automatic synchronization with Android

1. Go to the Home screen and press “Menu”.

2. Tap “Settings” and scroll to “Accounts & Sync”. The name of this option can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

3. Verify that your Facebook profile has been configured for this device. If you see the Facebook option in the profile list, everything is fine. If you do not click “Add Account” and enter your credentials on Facebook.

4. Tap the three-point icon in the top-right corner of the screen ((More on some custom versions of Android).

5. Verify that automatic synchronization is enabled. If it is not, tap “Enable automatic synchronization” and press “OK” to confirm the selection.

Method 2 – Enable iPhone, iPad, and iPod notifications

1. Go to Menu -> Settings and scroll down to the list of installed applications.

2. Tap Facebook and select “Push Notifications.”

3. Turn on the messages.

Method 3 – Fix Facebook Notifications for Huawei EMUI

1. Go to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Battery Manager -> Protected Applications, find the Facebook and Facebook apps and add them to the secured list. This will ensure that background processes for these applications will not stop saving the battery life.

2. Go to Settings> Applications> Advanced and tap Ignore optimization of batteries. Look up the Facebook application and then repeat the Facebook procedure on Messenger.

3. Go to Settings -> Notification panel and status bar -> Reporting Center, find the Facebook app and enable “Allow notifications and priority display”. Repeat the steps for the Messenger application.

Method 4 – Fix Android notifications from a desktop version of Facebook

1. Sign in to your Facebook account from your computer and go to Settings.

If you do not have access to a computer or laptop, you can visit the web version of Facebook directly from Android using Chrome. Place the Facebook address in the address bar, click the action button, and enable “Request desktop site”.

2. Click Applications.

3. Under “Log in with Facebook,” remove all accounts. Do not worry, you will not close any of your accounts and you will not lose any purchases you have made through them. This will only deactivate the registration on this Facebook account so as not to cause harm.

4. When you delete the list, click on the “Edit” button under “Applications, Websites and Pages” and click “Disable Platform”.

5. Get your phone and open the Facebook app. Expand the action bar at the top right of the screen and click Notifications. Move the slider from “OFF” to “ON”.

How to solve the Facebook notification problem

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