How to Share Sponsored posts on Blog9ja income earning program {NGN100}

So far, i have written about blog9ja on this blog severally. I wrote about how to Register and Join Blog9ja step by step Guide, Blog9Ja Review Scam or Legit and now How to Share Sponsored posts on Blog9ja income earning program

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Perhaps you might have joined Blog9ja income earning program, but still don’t know how to increase your Blog9ja daily income by Sharing their sponsored posts.

In this article, you shall learn steps on how to share Sponsored posts on Blog9ja income earning program to earn more.

We all have learnt from my previous articles about Blog9ja income earning review about the multiple earning methods available to earn pretty good cash per day from this program among which the sponsored posts was mentioned.

To increase your Blog9ja daily income by Sharing sponsored posts, simply follow below steps.

How to Share Sponsored Posts on Blog9ja income earning program

Unlike other similar income earning programs where you are only assigned to Share one sponsored posts per day, With Blog9ja income earning program, You can share two(2) sponsored posts per day.

You will earn (NGN100) for just sharing Blog9ja Sponsored posts daily since one post is NGN50.

You Can share as many posts are possible , but They won’t pay for all, they will only pay for 2 out of your multiple shares.


Login to Your Blog9ja Account. As a premium member, you will see your dashboard as shown below.

Share sponsored posts on Blog9ja

From the above Menu, You will see Marketing Tab which include the links.

  • My Referrals
  • My Prospects
  • Share A Promo

From the menu, Simply click on Share A Promo. and a new page will open with the instructions to share and earn.

The instruction says: You should Copy The Blog9ja promotional Note and save the Promo image on your phone. which you will see on the Share A Promo page.

Here is the Promo Note:


Don’t forget to Replace my Blog9ja referral link with yours after copying the above note. You can also Modify the Promo Note to whatever way you can use in promoting Blog9ja.

Go to any Facebook Group of your Choice, Forget the instruction that says, group must have at least 9k Members . it doesn’t matter if it have more or less members.

Post your Promo Note And upload your Promo Image along with your group post and tag two friends or more.

After that Screenshot your Post

share sponsored posts on Blog9ja

Now Go back to your Blog9ja Share A Promo page and scroll down to the ending of the page . You will see a space to upload your evidence screenshot.

share sponsored posts on Blog9ja

Upload the screenshot as an evidence that you have promoted Blog9ja on a group where you tagged 2 or more of your Facebook friends.

After that , Admins, will review your Blog9ja Sponsored posts shared, and Credit your account instantly with NGN50 .

Repeat the process twice in a day and you are done with sharing your daily Blog9ja sponsored posts.

You can be doing this repeatedly everyday, to keep earning your Blog9ja Sponsored posts daily commission.

NOTE: The Blog9ja Promotional Text you are sharing, Contain your Blog9ja affiliate/ Referral link. If your Facebook friends find it interesting and register via your link, You will as well earn your NGN800 Referral commission.

Sharing your Blog9ja Sponsored posts daily simply means you are also promoting your ref. Link which will make you earn more.

You just Learnt How to share Sponsored posts on Blog9ja income earning program

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  1. Chisom said:

    please what is the meaning of this i don’t understand This is a Sponsored Post .>>>>This sponsored Post has EXPIRED! You can no longer earn from sharing it

    Sponsored Post for 16th August 2018

    August 17, 2018
  2. Samuel Davou said:

    I still find it hard or will I say impossible to sponsor a post. Plss can you help me

    October 17, 2018
  3. Hilary said:

    How do i publish a post on blog9ja

    November 14, 2018

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