How To Setup Bulk SMS Solution On WordPress Site

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How To Setup Bulk SMS Solution On WordPress Site. i know lots of you must be searching for how to setup bulk sms sending on your wordpress site but don’t know how to go about it. bulk sms is one of the ways through which business owners can carry out mobile marketing by sending bulk sms message to list of mobile phone numbers. this way they can customized the sender name to their business name or whatever they want for branding purpose.

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but what about bloggers. most bloggers don’t even know the importance of sending bulk sms to their blog subscribers who read their blog post. so they don’t bother to take advantage of this on their blog. could it be because of the cost of sending bulk sms or maybe they have not gotten a wordpress bulk sms plugin that will enable them do that. well, there are lots of wordpress sms notification plugin out there but most of them is developed by foreigners and they did not included nigeria bulk sms gateway api which is one of the reasons why lots of bloggers or business owners don’t bother to set it up on their wordpress site.

that shouldn’t be an issue anymore as i have been able to setup a bulk sms sending on this blog which i make use of to send bulk sms directly from the blog and this even has a An optin widget which enables blog reader to subscribe to this blog via SMS and a verification code will be sent to the users mobile phone number to complete their subscription. this way you only get users who are interested on your blog post or anything you want to share. this could be secret information and hidden tips which you know are not easy to find online.this is an awesome way to get subscribers because you just can’t rely on only one source of subscriptions such as email optin. there is need to have several source of getting users to subscribe to your blog, not just email marketing. you can also use sms marketing to promote your blog or business.

i have integrated SMS solution on my wordpress site which you can see an optin widget and page on this blog asking visitors to subscribe via SMS. this is made possible after series of tweaking of the wordpress SMS notification plugin i got. it took me time to tweak this wordpress sms plugin because the developer only added more of foreign SMS gateway API to the plugin. so if you want to make use of this wordpress sms plugin on your site as a nigerian, then you need to signup on most of the foreign bulk sms site and purchase SMS unit in Dollars.

doing this will be expensive since the payment is in US dollars. imagine sending 1 sms at the cost of #47 to #70 when you can send 1 SMS at the cost of #2.50 to #3 if using nigeria bulk SMS gateway. now you can see why i had to find a way to tweak the wordpress bulk sms plugin because i can’t afford to start buying foreign gateway sms unit for such price.

it took me days to find out the process of tweaking the plugin because i am not a programmer. if i was a programmer, i would have spotted the process within few hours but i am not, so i had to do this by error and trial and after series of error and trial, i was able to add some of the top best nigeria bulk sms site api gateway to the wordpress bulk sms plugin and it worked while some did not work. i believe if i knew how to code, i would have been able to add more of Nigeria bulk sms in this case, i was able to add more than 3 nigeria bulk sms site and it is working you may ask, what are the features of this wordpress bulk sms plugin integration on my site as a blogger or business owners

Benefits of Setting Up Bulk SMS on WordPress Site


1: Start SMS Marketing Using Optin Form

for those who wants to add sms marketing on their blog or optin landing page where visitors can subscribe to their blog or offer via sms, this is one of the best wordpress sms plugin out there that does the job. this is made possible after i have tweaked it to add nigeria bulk sms site gateway to it.

as you can see, i have already added a Subscription Form on this blog so visitors can subscribe to it via SMS. this way, i can send SMS to them whenever i want. one of the beauty of this subscription feature is that, the visitors will be sent a verification code to their mobile phone so verify their subscription. this will prevent you from getting unserious subscribers as only those who are serious will verify their subscription by inputting the code. so its just like a two step optin, those who use email marketing will understand.

2: Sending Bulk SMS Directly From Your wordpress website

with this integration setup on your wordpress site, you can be able to send bulk sms from your wordpress site. there is an option to create groups/categories where you can group your contacts so you can easily send to any group of contacts you added to the site. you can also add subscribers/contacts to the site manually

3: Getting instant SMS notification for e-commerce Online Store

for those who have an eCommerce store developed with woocommerce. you can integrate instant sms alert so that whenever someone makes an order on your store you get informed. this means immediately the visitor clicks on the order button, you as the admin will receive instant Wocommerce SMS Notification to notify you that someone just made order within seconds.

also, you can decide to allow a different alert to be sent to the customers too to let them know that you have received their order and thanking them for the patronage. this is optional as you can just set it up for only you as admin to get the alert to save SMS Unit so you can strike the deal with the customer immediately before they change their mind to buy it from else where.

you don’t have to keep checking your online store or email to see if someone has made an order as an individual or business owner. you can just relax and let the Instant SMS alert keeps you informed. this is a must have integration for anyone or business owners who runs an online eCommerce store with wordpress woocommerce.

remember, you get to strike the deal with the person immediately as E-DEY Hot before they change their mind to buy else where.

4: Getting Instant SMS notification for your contact us or quotation form :

with this sms solution, you can integrate it with your contact us or quotation form to get instant sms alert whenever someone clicks the submit button of the contact or quotation form. as usual, you can decide to allow the visitors to also get instant sms too just to let them know you have received their message. this way, it gives your visitors the impression that your business is professional at what they do. you also strike the deal immediately before they change their mind.

5: getting instant SMS notification for the following

when someone login to your site: you will receive instant SMS alert when a user login to their account. this is a nice feature for admin as you get notified when someone use your admin login to gain unauthorized access

new user registration : when new user sign up, you will get instant SMS notification. this is optional as you can decide to disable it or enable it

when there is new release of WordPress update : you will get instant sms alert anytime there is a new wordpress update. this way you will be among’s the first to get notified when there is new version of WordPress

when there is a new comment

Note that all this integrations above are optional, you can enable and disable them.i only used few of the features on this blog. so if you are a business owner, blogger, internet marketer etc, this is a must have integration for your wordpress site or blog.

for those who run woocommerce site, this will really benefit you as you get to respond immediately within few minutes when someone placed an order on your online store since the alert goes to your official mobile phone number.

now you can see how powerful this is for your website as a blogger, individual or business owner, church or any organisation.

also, for those who want to do SMS marketing, you can also create an optin form for users to subscribe which they will receive activation code to complete their subscription. the list are endless.

if you wish to set this up on your WordPress site or eCommerce online store, then contact me to set it up for you within 24 hours via call/whatsapp


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