How to set up who friends on Facebook can see us online

How to set up who friends on Facebook can see us online

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Facebook dreams of a world where everyone is connected at any time. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to get offline on Facebook Chat. The very idea of ​​”offline” or “invisible” is the antithesis of everything that believes in the social network.

Fortunately, it’s possible to keep the curtain of your privacy while letting your closest friends and family know that you can talk to them if they want.

From using Know how to choose which Facebook friends will look at us online and who does not. The process is divided into two parts:

– You need to organize your friends on lists.
– You need to decide which lists you want your online status to appear.

Create Friends Lists

To get started, you need to create some friends lists. They will form the basis for the rest of the process. Of course, the lists of friends are useful for more than just turning off your activity for some contacts.

They also allow you to filter content that you share, create customized feeds, and easily invite groups of appropriate people to events.

Remember, your lists are not relevant to who can send you direct messages. Anyone with whom you are friends can contact you privately. If you do not want this, go to Settings -> Block -> Block messages and enter a name. Here’s how to create a list of friends:

To create a list of new friends (and see which lists already exist), sign in to your Facebook account and select “Friends List” from the panel to the left.

You will immediately notice that Facebook has already created several lists on your behalf. The lists can be divided into three categories: pre-arranged lists, smart lists and custom lists.

Previously placed lists are lists that Facebook has created for you, as close friends, acquaintances and limited (friends who can only see public opinions).

Smart lists are created by Facebook for you. They are based on your location, where you went to school, where you worked, members of your family and so on.

User lists are lists that you create. You can edit the members of all the pre-compiled lists by clicking on the name of the list by expanding the list on the Manage List and selecting “Edit List” in the upper-right corner of the page.

To create a new list, click “Create List” at the top of the page. List the list and enter your friends’ names in the “Members” field. When done, click on “Create”.

You will now be transferred to the main page of the list. In the upper right corner you can add more people to the list. Make sure that you are completely satisfied with the list before continuing.

How do you show (or hide) your online activity?

Once you’ve created the lists, it’s time to show or hide your active Facebook status. There are several methods you can use to do this. You can decide who can not see you online or decide who can see you online.

It depends on the approach you want to take. Remember, if there are only a few specific people you do not want to talk about, their split by name will suit your needs.

Regardless of the approach you choose, you need to make some changes to the Facebook Chat settings. Return to the Facebook homepage. On the right side of the screen you will see the chat box. Click the speed icon in the lower right corner to get started. In the menu, click Advanced Settings. A new window will appear. You will see three options:

– Disable chat only for some contacts.
– Turn off the conversation for all contacts except.
– Turn off the conversation for all contacts.

The three options are obvious. If you want to limit access to more people or create a list of people you want to restrict, select “Turn off the conversation for some contacts only”.

If you click on any of the first two options, Facebook will prompt you to enter the name of the person or name of the list.

Start typing the name of the list you created and the field needs to be filled automatically. The last option makes you look offline for everyone.

How to set up who friends on Facebook can see us online

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