How to restore deleted photos from iPhone

How to restore deleted photos from iPhone

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Photos are one of the things that can be easily unintentionally deleted from your iPhone. But the good thing is that they are the data that is easiest to recover. If you are wondering how to restore deleted photos from iPhone, do not miss using the information.

The first thing you need to do after registering missing photos is to make sure they are missing from your phone. With the introduction of iOS 8 in 2014, Apple added a key feature to protect you from accidentally deleting photos, it’s the “Recently Deleted” folder. It behaves like a Recycle Bin. When you delete a photo, it goes to the Recently Deleted folder and stays there for 30 days, and then permanently removes it.

To return the photo from here, simply tap, then click the “Recovery” button at the bottom of the screen. You can return multiple photos at once by selecting more than one before tapping Refresh. You can also delete them forever by selecting them and then clicking on “Delete” instead of “Recover”. Be careful, because you can not restore this action.

Return an image from the archive

Even if your photos are gone forever when it comes to the built-in photo application, you may still be able to return them. There are two built-in ways to back up your iPhone, both of which support your photos. At least one of the ways is enabled by default, so do not worry if you do not know them before.

1. Restore images using iCloud

If iCloud Backup is on, you can restore deleted photos using iCloud. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest way. Includes deleting all data on your iOS device, and then recovering from the archive. It’s not very simple, but sometimes it’s your only chance.

Before you do this, you will need to make sure there is a backup. Sorry, you can not see all the backups on your phone; only when your phone is archived last. This is even better than nothing.

To see when your phone is last logged in, go to “Settings” and tap the phone’s name at the top. After you enter this menu, scroll down until you see iCloud Backup and click on it. If we assume that the slider is activated, you will see when your phone was last archived from the “Back Up” button.

Once you confirm that there is a backup, you can decide whether to retrieve the older archive. If you want to do this, go to Settings> General> Reset and select to delete data from your phone.

2. Returning photos using iTunes

This is a much easier way to restore deleted photos from iPhone. Plug your iPhone onto your computer. iTunes should be automatically started, but if you do not manually run it. After opening the program, you need to see your phone in the menu on the left.

Click “Summary” in the “Settings” section. Several new options will appear in the main part of the application. On the “Backup” tab, select “Restore Backup”.

Restore deleted photos with third-party applications

If the above methods of restoring deleted photos from your iPhone have failed, a third-party application can help. But this should almost always be your last chance. Because you do not always get what you pay.

Many applications that promise recovery of deleted photos from iPhone are free or at least look like this. For many, the free version is so weak that virtually nothing can be done.

You can pay to unlock more features, but these features can help you. These applications can not guarantee that they will actually help you restore everything. Some applications promise money return guarantees if you can not restore your files.

PhoneRescue from iMobie is one of them and in fact looks like a good reputation among those who used it. However, you will have to pay $ 50 to try it out.

How to restore deleted photos from iPhone

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