How to Register a Domain Name in Nigeria

You have created a blog somewhere using maybe blogger, WordPress or other types of hosts and now you’re searching for how to register a domain name in Nigeria Perhaps to make your website more professional using a premium domain name.

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There are many Domain Registrars where you can buy a domain name at an affordable price in Nigeria and also pay in Nigeria currency (Naira) Since that’s the biggest challenge most new bloggers get when trying to buy from international online shops.

I can remember very well a few years back when I newly started Blogging, I wanted to buy a domain name and I have the money both cash and in the Bank.

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I learned about Godaddy Promotional offer so i decided to buy from there since it’s very cheap due to the promo but unfortunately i was stocked when it comes to the payment section. My card was rejected. I had no option than to search hosts where i can easily buy using my Naira Master or Visa Cards. I will show you the host i later used but before we go into that, Below are some of the Domain Registrars that accept naira payment. You can purchase domain and hosting plans from them using Your Naira Card or even Bank transfer.


Domain and Hosting Registrars in Nigeria that accept all Naira options

Below are some few places you can register a domain name and hosting with Bank transfer or ATM card payment in Nigeria.

  • DomainKing.Ng

    DomainKing is an Indian Based domain and hosting Registrar targeting Nigerian audience and they are my favorite host as it’s very reliable and easy to use. They accept Both Naira Card payment and Direct Bank Transfer. Other payment methods are also available but likely for international users. Check out here


    This is one among the leading domain registrar and Web hosting companies in Nigeria they accept all Naira Card (visa and Master) and they also accept Bank transfer. That means you can buy hosting or Domain name from them using Direct Bank transfer. check out here

  • WhoGohost.Com

    This is another Nigeria Giant hosting and domain Registrar where you can get domain name cheap and affordable. Whogohost accept various payment methods e.g Bank deposited, Wire transfer for international users, Card payment for local and international users. Automatically you can buy from Whogohost using Your Naira ATM card or Direct Bank deposit. Check out here

Apart from the above , there are many other hosting and domain Registrar companies in Nigeria where you can buy with direct Bank transfer or using your Naira ATM card both master and VISA. In this article, i will be showing you steps on how to register a domain name in Nigeria using which is my favorite.

How to register a domain name in Nigeria

Like you already know, Two people cannot use the same domain name on different websites so you will have to search if the Domain name you have in mind isn’t taken by someone else. If it’s already taken,you need to keep searching for other alternatives till you get the available one.

Visit the DomainKing Registration or search page, Type in the Domain name you have in mind, select the extension e.g .com, .ng,, .net, .org etc.. and click on check availability to see if they domain is ready for purchase or not.

how to register a domain name in nigeria

If the domain name is available as shown above, click on Continue button and you will be taken to new page.

how to register a domain name in nigeria

Check the three boxes as shown above and leave other field default. don’t change anything just scroll down after checking those boxes and click on Continue to final Checkout page

If you’re a new member and you don’t have account with domainKing yet then you will need to register as shown below. otherwise, select the existing member option then login your account.

how to register a domain name in nigeria

Scroll down the page and click on Complete order after login in or after filling the whole registration form correctly. for new members,

  • In your company name field, you can just put anything
  • in your zip code filed just out any six digit numbers
  • In the coupon or promotional code field, leave it empty unless if there’s any current promo code you want to use
  • Check the box to accept terms and conditions
  • Select your desired payment method

You are good to click on the complete order button. And you will be taken to the payment page

how to register a domain name in nigeria

As you can see i selected the option to pay with Voguepay which means I will pay with my Visa or master Card. I can now click on the Pay Now button and process payment from the next page using my ATM card details.

the Cost of domain name in Nigeria

As soon as the payment is completed successful, your domain will be active immediately and ready for use. But if you choose the option to pay with Direct Bank transfer then you will get the official Bank details to make your payment.

After making your payment, You will have to login your DomainKing account, Click on the support ticket, Open a new support ticket and send them a message that you have paid for a new domain name (upload your payment proof alongside). They will have to confirm your payment and activate your domain name, unlike Card payment where the activation is instant.

With the above steps, you have learned how to register a domain name in Nigeria using DomainKing. If you want to connect your domain name with Blogger site you can check out this guide here. If you have any issue during registration you want to make further inquiries, you can send them support message and they will get back to you.

What’s the Cost of domain name in Nigeria

I only want to answer this question “what’s the cost of domain name in Nigeria” because of those who might be having some doubt.

The cost of domain name in Nigeria varies from one domain Registrar to another. all of the listed domain Registrars in this post have different prices. You can check and compare prices

It may also please you to know that DomainKing is one of the cheapest and affordable domain Registrar in Nigeria.

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