How to play the cult game Snake on Google Maps

How to play the cult game Snake on Google Maps

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There is a person who does not remember the time when Snake was the most popular mobile phone game. You surely enjoy the cult title of your old mobile devices.

If you are a Snake fan, it’s good to know that you can now remember the past days with a modern version of the game. Even more interesting is that you need to open “Google Maps” to do this. Yes, you read well. There is a way to play Snake in the application.

In fact, this idea is part of the fun ways that Google places the international joke day. The first step is to click the icon of the mobile applications menu in the top left corner. You must then come in until you see the “Snake Game” option.

If you do not see, close and reboot Google Maps. The game allows you to choose between several cities, including London, Cairo, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sydney and Sao Paulo, reported Mashable.

It’s unusual that the color of snakes in different cities is inspired by the way drivers look at their locations. This functionality is available for Android and iOS mobile applications, but it is also available for the Google Maps Web version of  This link.

The company also revealed that it will retain this URL, which means that in the future the game will continue to be active for users who want to have fun with it.

How to play the cult game Snake on Google Maps

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