How to Monetize Your Blog In Nigeria: The Ultimate guide for Beginners

Before you start thinking of how to monetize your blog in nigeria, the question is “Did you know and understand the meaning of Monetization” If yes then you’re good to go and if no then you need to learn what it means before moving to the next step which is monetization.

Am Sure you can learn successful Blogging secrets through me, am also sure you can learn how to make money online with the help of my updates why not leave your email behind let me show you how.

If you’ve learnt and understood the meaning of monetization but only need to learn how to monetize your blog in nigeria then you will skip to the section of this article which discussed about that. And to those who haven’t learnt at all, you will need to read every section of this article for a clear understanding.

In this article, i will be showing you the real meaning of monetization, What you need in your blog before monetization and how to monetize your blog in nigeria as a blogger intending to earn good income or even turn blogging into a career.

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What is Monetization in Blogging?

We cannot mention monetization without talking about Money as monetization is made from word “Money”.


Therefore we say, Monetization in blogging is simply the means or ways through which you can make money online from your blog as a blogger.

Every Blogger has his own way of earning from his blog but in general, there’s are common earning practices which all bloggers do adhere and we shall be discussing them here.

Some do say blogging is for passion while others debate it’s for passion and income and to me i say it’s for money. if not for money i couldn’t have joined Blogging because ” if it’s not making money then it’s not make making sense” let passion go to hell for all i care.

Am not blogging because i love to blog but am blogging because i love earning from blogging and that’s what am doing. Why should i even have a sleepless night all day all in the name of passion “God forbid’ Am giving the best to my audience and am impacting something great in their lives so i need money in exchange for my good works ” period “.

Let’s not go too far from this topic “how to monetize your blog in nigeria”.

Having understood that Monetization means a way through which you can earn money from your blog, what then can you do before you get ready for monetization because we’ve learnt that everything in blogging goes serially.

What you need in your Blog before Monetization

Before you go ahead searching for how to monetize your blog in nigeria, there are some certain features and characters you must fix from your blog if success must be inevitable.

Below are some factors you must consider before searching for how to monetize your blog in nigeria.

  • Blog Design:

    As soon as you’re set for blogging, the first thing you should be looking at is your Blog design.

    Don’t tell me you don’t know that blog design can either fasten your blogging growth or downfall. I visited a site recently with the mind to pay as a premium member but as soon as i registered and landed on the dashboard, i immediately turned back and switched my plan for other alternatives.

    in that case the business has loosed the commission they supposed to earn from my side just because of bad and unfriendly blog design. Who knows how many people that has left the same way i do.

    Don’t make your blog complicated to your readers instead make everything simple easy to access and navigate. Am sure you love this blog you’re reading from as i have tried my best to keep it simple.

    A bad blog design can only chase away your readers. How then can you monetize a blog without audience. Am sure you know what am saying. In that case you need good blog design before deliberating on how to monetize your blog in nigeria

  • Content is King:

    I don’t like using other peoples voice in my writing instead i use my own voice and tune because i know that’s what my Audience will love to hear, Read and share.

    How do you write on your Blog? Has anyone ever told you they like your writing skills? Did you audience visit your blog and subscribe because you impressed them? these questions are for you.

    After writing your articles why not read them loud to yourself: Is it explanatory enough to make your readers understand? One thing that’s making people write bad articles is because they want to use the voice of Kennedy Prosper and that’s bad because am writing just as i speak in real human and that’s why you see that all my articles are transparent.

    The way you write will make your audience stick to reading from your blog alone even when other people offers the same thing . Sometimes i do check my google analytics result and find out that people are adding BlogsNg to their searches on google “e.g How to make money online” that’s because they want to read the article from BlogsNg and not other blogs.

    Learn to write articles in your own voice, Make them detailed and explanatory enough for your readers to understand even if you will spend hours doing it. You will notice some changes and I crease in the numbers of your returning visitors. That means you need good contents in your blog before thinking of how to monetize your blog in nigeria.

  • Social Presence

    Have you noticed me on Facebook? If you’re my Facebook follower you will know that even when i don’t share links anyhow i still have strategies of creating social awareness about my blog.

    Yes we know you offer goodies in your blog but try to expand your social awareness so that some social fans can also know who you’re and where you blog. The social media media is the best place to build trust and credibility as a blogger so use it well.

  • Know Your Readers:

    Don’t start writing from pillar to post because you want traffic. Maintain your blogging niche and grow your fans and readers. Let every piece of writing you do not deviate from your niche.

    If you want to be a multi-niche blogger better still you can go ahead and blog multiniche rather than saying you’re a niche blogger whereas you practice multi niche blogging.

    How will you feel if you visit this blog one day as see music Promotion Banners everywhere? Am sure it won’t please you because you aren’t coming here to download music instead to learn and understand Blogging. Know your audience.

  • Traffic is the Key

    Are you surprised why i have made traffic the last thing on my list? Let me show you why.

    • A good blog design also help your blog traffic because your readers will find it easy to navigate thereby reading more and more of your articles.
    • Great contents will make your readers stick to your site, Share and even promote in other ways because you’re a solution with articles you offer.
    • Your social Media Presence also means traffic because social fans will always check on your link to see what’s new.
    • Knowing your readers will help grow your emaillist very fast and in no time you have a large subscribers base which means traffic

    Can you now see that all the activities comes before traffic ? Infact they means traffic itself. You can’t just start blogging and expect traffic without the above practices.

    Without traffic you’re like building a church where only you and your family is the member of the Church tell me how you will be inspired to preach as the pastor.

    If you write without getting readers, It means your work is useless, If you write without getting readers, who will click on your Ads, who will buy with your affiliate link, who will hire your services, who will buy your ebooks , who will sponsor posts on your blog and all that? This is why as a blogger you must take traffic as a do or die affair. That means you need traffic before thinking about how to monetize your blog in nigeria Traffic covers it all.

how to monetize your blog in nigeria

Having learnt all of the above, how then can i monetize and make money from my blog? You’ve got that in your mind right….. let me show you how.

Am sure you’re expecting the same thing other bloggers do write but in this article am going to make it different from what others does. I won’t write exactly what you’ve been reading over and over again from other blogs. Let’s introduce a new initiative.

This is Practically How i make money from my Blog.

FIRST: Just like you know, i love writing valuables and because of these valuables , Lot’s folks do sponsor posts on this Blog. You can also earn from your Blog via sponsored posts.

What is sponsored posts?

This is when brands, companies and individuals come to you to publish their articles on your blog. You only charge them for publishing but in most cases, they will demand you write the articles with extra charge. one example of such sponsored articles which i got paid to write and published on this Blog is Babylon Traffic Review.

No body will pay you to publish their posts on your blog if you’re doing nonsensical blogging. that’s Blogging without vision and value. Before you can start making money from sponsored posts, you must grow your blog first.

SECOND: Create your own Products. Having grown your blog audience and if you know you render value to them don’t you think they are ever ready to buy whatever you offer for sale?

Here’s my product and i have made many sales because my audience love my way of doing things. they know i will always offer the best of all kind.

Don’t lauch any product if you don’t offer value in the lives of your readers because no one will buy from you. They’re like “if he can’t even write nice articles to answer our questions how then are we sure his products will help”.

On the other note, if you’re a blogger with value, what are the things people are willing to pay for within your niche which you know you can do better why not make a product out of it and sell to your audience.

THIRD: Sell Your Skills: Sure you can put your skills for market and you will surely get sales.

I have learnt to create PayPal account which can send and receive funds worldwide without limitations so i am marketing my skills on Paypal Nigeria and without doubt i have made good Money from it.

I have learnt to create Blogs so i do market my skill here too for those who wanna create their own blogs to hire me. am sure you have sighted that on my sidebar.

I have learnt to write articles worth reading and many do hire me to write on their Blogs because i advertise my skills to the world. What about you. Don’t you think you can use your blog as a power of driving traffic to your sales pages and marketing your skills.? it’s left for you and how strategic you’re.

FOURTH: I promote other peoples services. You’ve seen me writing reviews on income programs like NNU, Blog9ja, NewsPay, Bank Alert, and many more…

Am promoting their services while i also earn my commission. Am also sure you’ve seen me in many occasions recommending domainKing hosting in my posts. Am promoting their services while i also earn my commission.

For you to make money from Blogging, It’s either you create your own products or you make and market your own products.

FIFTH: Advertisements ; You can also make money from your blog by placing ads like Google AdSense but i don’t advice you depend on this. You can use it as additional income source but not as major income source.

I won’t talk much on this since i didn’t recommend it. However, you can give it a try because what didn’t work for others might work for you and that which works for you might not work for others.

√Tip:Don’t expect your success too soon you might end up been frustrated

Wrapping Up:how to monetize your blog in nigeria

Is that all? you are wandering: Yes that’s all because i only wrote the article based on what i personally practice to earn and not what i think can be used to earn.

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