How to Make Money With A Blog For Beginners-Must read guides

Welcome back today: Let’s discuss how to make money with a blog for beginners who haven’t learnt
The online World today is crowded with too many blogging niches, but you are only limited to the very few ones that are unique to you. Bloggers in this age can equally manage as far as 15-blogs or more with various niches and yet still make succes in all.

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To every blogging niche you venture, there is always a means to make money from it as far you are targeting a particular audience. Until you understand how to make money with a blog you won’t stop misusing the monetisation stragies of another blogging niche to a different market or targeted audience.

What am trying to say in Essene is that some new bloggers out their who don’t even bother to learn or find out how to make money with a blog for beginners might end up monetizing a music blog with Ebooks about internet marketing.

The true is that you won’t see a better result from your sale pages not because you aren’t getting traffic to your music blog but because you are targeting a differ audience who are only music lovers. They only come to download your latest musics and they go away. so even when you place internet marketing eBook for sale they rarely look at it not even to purchase.

To every blogging niche you have decided to blog about, you will always find a profitable way to monetize and earn money from your blog and this is why this article on how to make money with a blog for beginners will be helpful to every new blogger who is still sorting for the best way to make money from their blog. as this article contain more informations you need to learn.

In one of my recent article, I wrote about how to make money from a free WordPress blog… there i covered the monetization strategies that you can use to monetize your Free WordPress blog irrespective of your niche.

In this article about how to make money with a blog for beginners, i will cover all the necessary monetization means you can use in monetising any type of niche and on any type of blogging platform wither free or paid.

How to make money With a Blog for Beginners

how to make money with a blog for beginners

Having built your blog and having gathered a huge amount of your targeted audience , it’s time you make money from your blog using any of the below means.

Make Money With a blog Using Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a very old means of making money online both for the PROs and for the beginners in blogging.

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product to your audience using your affiliate link which is usually given to you from the affiliate program of your choice.

When your audience click on your affiliate Link to purchase the product you have recommended to them, you will be given a commission for every successful sale you made via your affiliate or recommendation link.

example: Did you remember when your bank told you to refer others to bank with their branch and offered to give you commission for anyone who banks with them through you? that’s example of affiliate marketing but that’s for the offline pattern.

In the online world today people who want to make sales to their products rampantly can offer very huge amount as affiliate commission just to make sure they keep getting sales.

As a blogger you can make money online simply affiliating other brands products via your blog/website.

When choosing products to affiliate, it will be better you choose the products that you have tested and confirmed so you won’t recommend non worthy products to your audience. When you recommend the products you have used, you will be able to give better review about them.

Tips To affiliate Marketing:

  1. Find a product you would to to promote
  2. Register with their affiliate section and get your unique affiliate Links and banners
  3. Add links and banners to your Blog,
  4. When someone click on your banners or links they will be redirected to the products you are recommending and when they make purchase you earn your commission
  5. Consider publishing some articles about the products you are promoting and writing reviews while you strategically embed your affiliate links

If am to be selling or affiliating Any web hosting company for instance i will write a tutorial on how to create a blog step by step guide and when my targeted audience comes in, they can now read my articles and those who are interested in following my procedures to create their own blogs will buy their web hosting and domain names via my recommendation or affiliate links.

That’s my best strategies when affiliating any product.

  • When prompting affiliate products make sure you promote and recommend only what you have tested and know well about.
  • If your website/blog does not provide value Google hates it and you might loose Google ranking. therefore i will recommend you don’t make your blog to be appear too promotional
  • Good Internet marketers first provides value and later promote. so try to provide value to your readers before recommending any product at this, you will stand chances of getting more sales.
  • If you are using WordPress blogging platform you can check out Yoast Guide on how to Manage your affiliate Link to avoid affecting your site on Google

Some affiliate Programs You can Use

  • Amazon affiliate Program
  • Commission Junction
  • Sharesale Affiliate
  • DomainKing Affiliate
  • BlueHost affiliate program

Make Money With a Blog Using Google AdSense:

After creating your blog and having built a brand and your targeted audience, you may consider using Google AdSense which allows you to place Ads on Your blog/website while you earn for every Clicks on Your ads.

When Creating a blog to focus on AdSense earning it’s important you target audience from top AdSense paying countries such as USA, UK , Canada etc… because clicks from such countries generates high CPC results.

Google AdSense is somehow difficult to get as said by many new bloggers but you can get it easily when your blog complies to their policies which you can read here

After reading and knowing Google AdSense privacy and policies You can also learn how to apply for Google AdSense here with screenshots

After applying wait for their reply. If you got approved you can start placing Ads on your blog while you earn for each click you get.

I will recommend you make research to learn more about Google AdSense if you are totally a newbie as we can’t possibly cover all here.

Make Money with a Blog Via Sponsored Posts

If you are thinking of an alternative to make money online from your blog without placing ads or running affiliate marketing, you may consider using sponsored posts projects as an alternative.

Sponsored posts is when some brands or companies offers to pay you while you publish article about their brand or products on your blog.

You won’t do any work.. it means you are getting paid to publish their contents on your blog.

Before thinking of getting people to sponsor posts on your blog, You must make your blog an authority blog by creating unique and relevant articles worth reading.

It’s the worth of your site that will determine how much to be paid when sponsoring a post on your blog.

You can place the sponsored post button on your site menu to let your readers know you also allow sponsored posts you can check out mine here as a Demo

Also don’t forget to read the rules guiding sponsored articles on your blog. read them before publishing any sponsored posts to avoid problems in quests to make money from your blog.

Make Money with a Blog Selling Your Blog:

While thinking of how to make money with a blog for beginners you should also consider selling your blog after building it…hmmmm it’s funny right but not that funny because it’s you that’s making the money not me, and am sure i made no mistake as this is also a way you can make money from your blogs.

After investing your time and effort in building your blogs you may consider selling it at a well known website where you can sell your blog and get your money paid in cash.

To sell your blog at high cost then you have to work it out. The quality of your blog will determine the amount it’s to be sold.

Still searching for others ways on how to make money with a blog for beginners

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