How to improve Google search Ranking Using the SEO content writing techniques

One of the things that classifies you an authoritative blogger is when you get your blog and articles everywhere on Google’s front page.let’s learn something new on how to improve Google search ranking.

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It’s certain if you cannot get your articles to show up on Google’s front page as a blogger it will be very difficult to get traffic unless you will have to work all day and night utilizing other traffic strategies which can not possible improve your Google search rankings.

It’s quite easy to create a website but it’s pretty difficult to rank your new website on googles first page. It is really disappointing that after spending some bucks in creating and setting up your blog/website and at the end you could not get traffic to the blog.

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The number one reason why many bloggers fades away easily is because they could not get the traffic they desired. If you create a blog, you have some targeted audience in mind even before setting up your blog, but if at the end you could not get the targeted audience on your blog it’s more likely you will fail as a blogger.


Am always proud of myself whenever i make searches and see my blog ranking Google top pages even as far as to my new blog. It’s some how encouraging to get your blog posts on googles front page. and on the other hand, it’s discouraging that after spending time to create articles you couldn’t find them on Google top pages even when you copy the exact headline from your blog.

Not until i understood how to write seo optimized contents for Google and for my readers i was still missing the free traffic that google offers for bloggers who know the content optimization techniques.

If you say you can blog without getting organic traffic to your blog i won’t say it’s impossible but i can boldly say ” it is difficult..”.

Google is the only way to get traffic to your blog even when you are asleep. With Google search engine you can easily get your targeted audience to brows your blog all for free as you won’t have to pay any weekly,monthly or annual fee.

It’s my duty as a blogger to teach and educate you on how to improve your website ranking on Google search. In this article i will show you how to improve Google search ranking to get more clicks on your articles from Google.

To increase Google search ranking on your website and make Google to crawl every of the article you create on your blog there are some seo content writing tips that you must follow and these are the things you will learn today so just relax as you read on….

How to improve Google search Ranking With your Content optimization Techniques

Even when i hire new writers to create contents for me on any of my blogs, i always make sure they know this seo content writing tips that am about to share with you.

SEO Content Writing Tips

  • Keywords Research :

    This has always been my first step when ever i want to create a new article.

    If you are the type of blogger that just sit down to think and just write at random then you are still missing it not because you aren’t writing what people needed to read but because you may not be using the query and the type of language others uses to search for what you just wrote about on Google search even when you write the best article , bloggers who understood this seo content writing tip will still come first while you will be no where on Google.

    With Keywords research as a blogger you will be able to know what people are searching for, the type of query people are using to make their searches and how many people are searching with each terms monthly.

    I won’t talk more on keywords research in this article as i have written about it more precisely in one of my article on how to create seo optimized contents for Google and for readers

    So let’s assume you have found the keywords that you want to blog about.

SEO Keywords Usage

  • Post or Meta Title:

    For You to create SEO optimised article that will rank on googles front page you must understand that your post title is a very essential factor.

    Your post title is what people will see as your headline and it’s what search engine will use to interpret your article when displayed on any search result.Unless if you have a meta description for your posts.

    If You must rank your post on Google first page learn to fix your keywords into your blog post title. It’s not advisable you create an article with a different focus keywords why you have your headline titled with different keywords.

    You can still rank for such articles but if any of your competitor discover that same keywords and write about it with the keywords in his headline he may likely rank top before you.

    According to the Pro bloggers it is stated you keep your post title less than 66 characters for a better optimization.

  • Meta descriptions:

    Here is another place to strategically place your keywords with your post description.

    Yoast SEO plugin the most popular and the best SEO plugin provides the space to describe your blog post in not more than 156 Characters.

    Let’s take for instance, I created an article on how to create a free WordPress blog and that’s my focus keywords.

    In my meta description i will briefly describe it as ” Are you still searching for how to create a free WordPress blog? this article will guide you with all the required steps.” In just 99 characters i have briefly described my article for my readers coming from search engines.

    Can you see that i have embedded my keywords in my description? Now when readers search on Google for my targeted keywords they will equally see my title with the description.

    When adding meta description to your blog posts make sure your meta description is very attractive and sexy to earn you clicks from Google search engine.

  • The Image Alt Attributes:

    Google has the feature to crawl your images but Google bolt cannot possibly crawl images unless images with texts.

    The Image alt attribute enables you to add texts to your images and the text inside your images is what Google will use in crawling your images at the image search results.

    Before you upload your images name them according to the image. E.g if you are posting about Google or organic traffic you should name your image from your file manager according to your post.

    After uploading your images use your focus keywords as your image alternative text. You can read this article to know how to manually add alternative texts to images.

  • Interlinking and Anchor texts:

    Internal Linking is one of the way to optimize your articles.

    Google love blogs with good internal linking. Linking back to well optimized posts from your blog posts is one of the ways through which you can improve your website Google search ranking.

    When inter linking your articles use rich SEO keywords as your anchor texts. Just like Google read other texts from your blog it also reads your anchor texts.

    Don’t just link back to your posts also link back to other authoritative blogs as this will earn you more ranking potentials.

  • Permalink Structure:

    Your permalink is simply your link structure.

    In your link area make sure you include keywords that you are targeting e.g if am to target Google first page rankingas my targeted keywords in my article, my link structure will look like

    Always make sure that you put your targeted keywords in your Link. This will enhance easy ranking.

  • Make Your articles Lengthy:

    More lengthy articles are more likely to be descriptive and resourceful.

    Let say you wrote 400words article about how to rank on googles front page and i equally wrote 1000words article on the same headline. There is no way you can possibly rank better than me because my lengthy article will be more informative and at the same time it will contain more keywords than your short article.

    Newbies always ask questions like how long should SEO articles be? but the answer is Articles with 1000words and above should be the best for SEO standard.

    Always make sure you write your articles very well to make them more descriptive and informative making your contents lengthy.

  • Edit Your Work:

    Grammatical errors can affect your search ranking.

    Just like people read and understand your articles so also Google bots read your articles.

    After writing your articles , don’t feel too perfect to edit your work and get rid of some very few errors and omissions you might have made during your typing.

    Edit your work properly before publishing your articles. This will make your articles readable by Google and your readers.

    Yoast SEO plugin understood this article ranking factor and that’s why they included the readability test on your articles to enable you know wither your articles are readable or not.

  • Share and Give rooms to share:

    After Creating new articles i always make sure i share my articles on social medias.

    Sharing your articles is another factor that can rank your articles on googles front page.

    Articles with more shares will be more likely to be payed more attention to by Google compared to articles with less shares. This is because a useless and unresourceful articles can not get huge shares as it’s termed that only reliable and resourceful articles gets more shares. and that’s truth

    From your blog design, make your share button easy to access. You can either place your share button above or below your articles and encourage your readers to share your articles by writing informative articles that your blog readers wants to read.

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Always remember that even after optimizing your articles to rank well on Google search engine, and having followed carefully all the contents optimization techniques and tips you should wait to see results.

Time is yet another factor that determine Google ranking. You shouldn’t expect the articles you create today to rank tomorrow. Usually whenever i create a new niche blog, i create just 20articles well optimized and then wait for 5months to see the result.

I usually do this to minimize my risk. If after 4-5months the site Google performance is not as expected i will immediately know that the niche is unproductive. I will either stop creating articles and sell off the blog or abandon it.

Create resourceful articles , Work on them and wait for some months to get the result.

It never means your site can’t rank quickly but i only recommend you wait for a better result.

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