How to get USA phone number in Ghana and Worldwide

Have you ever taught of how to get a usa number in ghana and you’re wandering with questions like: Can this be possible? How can it be done and Lot’s more…
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If you’ve ever tried creating your own USA , UK or other foreign PayPal accounts from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South africa and other countries, you will understand the importants of having your own personal international mobile numbers for online uses

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Taking PayPal for instance

The worst thing that will ever happen to you as a PayPal account holder, is using international PayPal accounts without having international mobile number of the said country for verification. sooner or later PayPal will flag your account suspicious and ask for mobile verification, and that will mark the end of you using that paypal account if you can’t give the real and active mobile number connected to the PayPal account.


This issue of mobile verification has made many to loose their PayPal accounts including me even with huge funds. and the only possible way to escape this is having your own International phone number for online deals. and am very sure that’s the main reason why you’ve been questing for how to get a usa number in ghana

Sadly enough, When you visit many sites regarding how to get a usa phone number in ghana they keep persuading you to pay what you cannot afford and you’re like demn. i can’t take this.

All because the charges are just too unbearable. How can i be paying $10 monthly for a mobile number is that not madness? This made me personally to stop searching for how to a way to get phone number for PayPal verification since all what i keep seeing aren’t affordable.

how to get a usa number in ghana

some months ago i was chatting with a Facebook guy from USA so i was negotiating for his mobile number at least to use it in verifying my PayPal account but did you know that he insisted i will be paying him monthly fee which is even higher than what i have been avoiding all this while? i was immediately discourage because i need something cheap even if not free.

I cannot stay: I really need this Mobile number so i went into research again.

It took me more than two good days of finding , testing and spending some unnecessary cash on unhelpful resources until finally i got what i was looking for.

Just a mobile application: Woooooo this is really really Great but unfortunately am not giving it out this guide for free but with a little token of $4 only at least for the suffer and sleepless night of doing research and findings. have pity on the boy too. Here are the countries you can get their numbers

Within this few days of finding i lost about 3,000 Naira paying for some useless stuffs that couldn’t solve my problem.

Not just that: I also reduced in Size and Weight because sleepless nights “”common””””pay your tithes and let me grow fat again with it.

I have made the PDF file which includes the step by step guide with screenshots on:

  • Where and where to download this Mobile App because it’s not too common online
  • How to use this mobile app in Making your own international phone number for PayPal verification and other personal usage such as Making calls, Receiving calls, Sending and receiving text messages
  • Yes you also need to recharge the number through the Mobile App just like you recharge your local number.

    The credit you buy will be used for making calls and sending text their charges are almost free especially when making international calls. I will also show you how to buy credit to your Mobile number and more which you need to know

So What’s the big Deal on How to get USA phone number in ghana?

No big deal as the app is very easy to use. Here’s my own USA number in case you want to confirm it. Call me am available, Text me am also available unless if my phone is switched of.


Launch app, Select the country you want to get Mobile number from

Search the state or city you want to get number

Pick Any mobile number from the available ones.

Activate your Mobile number with just 1.99$/yr

Make your payment with Google Pay, Your Nigeria, Ghana Etc ATM card, Or paypal payment and boom you’re done.

Your mobile number is now ready for use just like mine.

FAQ about this Mobile number

  • The Mobile number can be used just like you’re using your local line.
  • The mobile number will last for one year after which you can renew it again with $1.99
  • You can delete and terminate the number at any time
  • You can change the number with new one but you will pay $1.99 for changing the number

  • You can control more than one foreign line from the same app. But earch number you register will cost you $1.99

So what’s the total?

the whole thing is $4 + $1.99= $5.99 your Mobile number is ready for the next one year. Isn’t that awesome?

What’s the good news?

I haven’t gotten the opportunity to try my mobile number on areas like Fiverr , Upwork or WhatsApp.

but i tried it in creating a USA Facebook account and it work. I tried it in creating USA PayPal and i also tried it in Google voice verification and it also worked. automatically it will work for every online verification since it receive text messages just like other mobile numbers.

This is my USA mobile number and my USA Paypal account where i used it in verification

Check the last four digits

Am sure you need this Number

I will send you the PDF guide on WhatsApp: After payment

Note: PayPal, Payoneer, BTC is allowed

Contact me for: How to Get USA phone number in ghana and other parts of Africa


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  1. Emmanuel Husseni said:

    So how is the call rate like?

    December 1, 2018
    • They charge 7credits per Minutes both for Mobile and Landlines

      December 3, 2018

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