How to get unlimited AdSense safe Clicks: Get more Clicks on AdSense without getting banned

You want to learn how to get more clicks on adsense without loosing your account?. In my previous article were i wrote about Invalid Traffic-AdSense for Contents, i was able to mention core reason why many AdSense accounts get banned or suspended. one thing is to get AdSense approved and another thing is to get Unlimited AdSense safe clicks to avoid invalid activities.

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Google AdSense is an advertising company which allows its publishers to make money online from their websites. And the only way to earn here is through safe clicks and impressions.

AdSense been a company , has many policies guiding their publishers to ensure long stay and safe business deals with their advertisers.

Among the many AdSense policies, Invalid activities has been the major reason why over 89% of AdSense accounts got banned or suspended.

The worse part is that “you can even get banned with lots of accumulated AdSense earning” provided you go against their policies and those funds will be returned to their advertisers after getting your Ads banned.

This AdSense Invalid activities includes unsafe clicks and impressions found on your website. e.g Using VPN to click on Ads, Clicking your own Ads, Enticing your readers to click Ads. etc..

Even when your AdSense accounts don’t get banned from serving Ads when such activities are found in a little way, Your Finalized earning will be lesser than your estimated earning. In that case AdSense has removed some earning which you’ve gotten through Invalid activities and unsafe AdSense clicks.

To get unlimited AdSense safe Clicks that will sustain your account to increase your earning ,what are the things you must take note of? this is what we shall discuss here.

Most at times, You’re not just aware of these activities but you can actually avoid them in some ways. After reading this post, You will be able to learn how to avoid AdSense invalid activities and how to get unlimited AdSense safe Clicks without policy violation.

How to get Unlimited AdSense Safe Clicks without getting Banned

  • Little could be better than More:

    Lots of webmasters are found of placing and littering their entire website with AdSense Ads with the impression to get more AdSense Clicks to increase their revenue.

    It’s not the too many ads on your site that will make you get more Clicks on AdSense. When you look to the pro bloggers who uses AdSense for monetisation, you will notice they don’t over place Ads and yet they still earn more.

    Here is How too much ads can generate Invalid activities:

    When you readers begin to scroll around your Site, they mistakenly hit on your ads because the Ads are just everywhere on your site.

    Before the Ads page finish loading, they already cancel it because it was not their intention to click.

    As soon as this happens, AdSense bots immediately interprets that as ,Invalid activities on your account and the more such happens, the more the chances of loosing your AdSense account increases.

    The next thing you will see is : A No-reply message from AdSense. either for suspension or bann.

    To avoid this,

    strategically place Just few Ads in the most noticeable areas of your blog, drive traffic to your blog and wait to see your earning increase even with your little Ads placement.

    Get unlimited AdSense Safe Clicks

    It’s better to earn 100$ monthly with a safe account than to earn 1000$ daily and get your account banned

  • Write Articles Worth Reading and worth Ranking

    The more people get exposed to your AdSense ads, it’s likely you get more Clicks.

    It’s human that will click your Ads ,therefore if human cannot get to see the ads then your earning remain stagnant.

    What type of article do you create on your blog? is that what your audience are searching for? Do they want to read that atall ? How helpful is these articles to them and how well have you optimized those articles to be search friendly?

    If you can answer all of the above questions correctly, am sure you will create articles needed by your Audience and search engines. Check out here on how to create articles worth reading and articles that will drive visitors from search engine

    Why do you need such article?

    The more the traffic you get to your website, the higher your AdSense earning increase.

    When you write articles worth reading, you will gain more converting readers from search engines. Not only that:

    Those readers will in turn share your articles on other social media platforms, making your website traffic increase in stats and in ranking.

    Do you ever think your readers will share what they don’t love? Am sure they won’t.

    this is the main reason you need to add value to their lives through the help of your articles and they will add value to your blog by sharing your articles, driving more traffic and boosting your AdSense earning.

  • Mobile Friendliness Is also a Key

    To get unlimited Safe Clicks to increase your AdSense earning, Consider making your website mobile friendly.

    get unlimited AdSense safe Clicks

    over 80% of readers coming to your blog are likely to be mobile users. If you cannot optimize your website for mobile users , your earning can be very low.

    To get more Clicks on AdSense, kindly make your site mobile friendly.

    Apart from the fact that making your site mobile friendly can increase your AdSense earning, it’s also a good users experience which can also increase your search ranking.

  • You still Don’t Test? Hmm

    Some bloggers do say Text Ads are better than image Ads while others says image ads are best and some says link Ads are best.

    How can you know the truth if you don’t test to see which one works best for you.?

    Each blogger with various Ads recommendations because that’s what works for them during testing, and that which works for them might be a disaster to you.

    That’s why you must test the Ads that works for you by placing Ads in every position of your site. I don’t mean littering your site with Ads.

    You can Place 2-3 Ads code on a position you want to test and after one month or less you change another ads. If you can do this, you will know the type of Ads that convert more on your site.

TIPS on how to get more clicks on adsense

Having learnt that placing your Ads strategically can help you get more Clicks on AdSense, with the below tips you can increase your Click through rate and get more Clicks on your AdSense Ads.

  • When Using Text and link Ads Units, Use text Links colors as the same link colors of your blog, you’re likely to get more Clicks. but remember that AdSense link Ads Units get low CPC
  • Place Ads Just at the top of your Posts, under your first Paragraphs and in the middle of your posts I’ve learnt that such Ads convert better on any blog.
  • Sites that are focused on a particular niche are likely to get high CPC (consider been a niche blogger)
  • Do keywords research to find high paying keywords in Your niche but while you blog them, also consider their competitions

So many people do pay to for getting AdSense Clicks using some so called AdSense auto Click softwares. I haven’t tried that before and i will never try it since it’s blackhat trick which can easily get your Ads banned for life

With the above easy tips to get unlimited AdSense safe Clicks when implemented, you get adsense clicks free of charge. the goodnews is that you won’t violate AdSense policies in quest for a way to increase your AdSense earning.

You’ve learnt:

  • Tips on how to increase adsense clicks
  • tips to get AdSense Clicks for safe earning
  • How to make more money with AdSense

What Next to get unlimited AdSense safe Clicks?

Start Exploring the above tips on your blog. Wait for the first month to see changes.

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