How to get Facebook backlinks: Quality Free Dofollow Facebook backlinks Steps

Lets see some few steps on how to get Facebook backlinks to improve our blogs ranking and authority for free.

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As a blogger, it’s important to take Building quality back links very serious and as a task you must always pursue.

Most bloggers do write quality articles on their blogs, but the fact that they lack good backlinks always makes them rank less while other bloggers with thin contents rank higher with quality backlinks.

The presence of your blog links on other sites will improve your website ranking convincing google search engine that your website is popular and reputable.

There are so many ways to build backlinks among which Guest posting was listed. Just as explained earlier in our previous articles on top blogs to build quality backlinks.

Backlinks goes in two different ways , it can either be Nofollow backlinks or Dofollow backlinks. while the Dofollow backlinks influences your ranking positively, the Nofollow has indirect effects on your blog ranking.

Getting Backlinks from Facebook social network simply means getting a Dofollow backlink to your blog.

Therefore, in this article i shall be showing you few steps on how to get Facebook backlinks for free. but before then, How essential and relevant can this link be to your blog?

How Relevance Getting Facebook Backlinks?

Facebook is the biggest social media with Alexa Ranking 3, which means it’s the third world most popular website after Google and YouTube with the total numbers of backlinks (6,728,131). with millions of daily visitors.

Getting Backlinks to such reputable website means getting quality backlinks and not quantity.

When you actually comment your links on Facebook , it doesn’t count. the only way to make them count is when you follow below steps on how to get Facebook backlinks.

How to get Facebook backlinks

Login to your Facebook Account from the browser you want to use for this tutorial (Not opera mini).

Visit the Page Static HTML and select Add static HTML to page.

how to get Facebook backlinks

From the next step, Select the Page you want to add this link. If you don’t have any page presently, then you can create one.

how to get Facebook backlinks

From the next pop up menu , Click on Add page and select Set Up.

how to get Facebook backlinks

Clear txt index.html and add Your own code as below: Replace your Name and Link

<a title="check out" href="" target="_blank" rel="dofollow">Kennedy Prosper</a>

how to get Facebook backlinks

After that Click on Save and Publish Button to save your settings.

The next page will show you that your work has been done and you will see your backlinks successfully added to Facebook.

We just finished How to get Facebook backlinks

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