How to get backlinks from Google search engine via google active Products

So far we’ve been discussing about building quality backlinks knowing how important and relevant they could to every website and domain ranking. In our previous article , we wrote about how to get dofollow backlinks from one of the biggest social media {Facebook} and now again, we shall be discussing ways to get backlinks from google.

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One thing about blogging is to get backlinks and another thing is to get quality backlinks.

A backlink on a relevant blog is better than backlinks on irrelevant blogs. and this is the main reason we have been pointing more on building backlinks with value.

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It’s very sure, You can create a successful website even without a single backlink , but that does not make backlink building irrelevant.


Blogging success goes with various procedures among which Link building is one. And as such you must do it if you must bypass your competitors.

lots of competitors in your blogging niche knows this same link building strategy and if you turn it down , they may use it against you as your weaken point. that’s why you must follow the moving train and do the trending things that can boost your blogging success. (leave no stone unturned).

Before landing on this page, am sure you already understand the importants of link building and you are probably looking forward for how to get backlinks from google search engine.

Before we regress;

how relevant is it to get backlinks from google?

In the whole world today, Google is the one number one website according to Alexa ranking with millions of daily visitors and Numerous backlinks.

Website analysis shows google to be 100% credible and reliable.

As such, if you can get your links on such great website , your ranking will definitely increase in no time because of the reputation attached to the website were your link appears.

Let’s go further to writing some steps to get backlinks from google search engine and other google products.

Get Backlinks from Google Products

Currently, Google has made many products available to serve its users, and this products can as well be used by webmasters and bloggers in building links and improving rankings.

  • YouTube.Com:

    YouTube is a big search engine of its own with millions of uploaded videos and daily streaming.

    You can get started by creating a YouTube channel and uploading at least 2-4 short or long videos. After which you can add your Links and keywords to your YouTube description area.

    In no time, google will count them among your Backlinks.

    Even if you don’t want to do video blogging , you can do this for the purpose of building links alone. Check out here.

  • Google+

    Just like other social medias, Google plus is also a great social media and a google product were you can get backlinks from google.

    Google+ includes its personal forum known as google plus community were you can share ideas while you build backlinks strategically.

  • Google Sites

    here is another google product were you can create pages and sites relating to your niche.

    Considering building a page for your niche using this platform can help build and get backlinks from google for free. See Demo

  • Google News

    Yet another google product to get backlinks from google for free .

    Here , they only discuss breaking and trending news around the globe and you can also participate as an entrant thereby building your links.

  • Google Business

    You can post directly from this website and if you have a WordPress website, you can as well post directly from your WordPress dashboard using Google business plugin.

  • Blogspot

    Blogspot is yet another google product for creating free Blogs and through it, you can also get backlinks from google.

    Check out this guide on how to get backlinks from

You Just learnt some google products to Get backlinks from google

All of the above are the recent google products and services to help bloggers to get backlinks from google without spending money.

Set your SEO goals by picking your relevant targeted keywords and links were you want to build. It can be links to your blog posts or your homepage link.

Start exploiting the above websites , Share your views, Comment when needed using your relevant keywords and links and also post when needed.

Remember that link building can be very stressful and time consuming but ones you have it, you’ve got it. so make it a task you must complete.

If you love this article on how to get backlinks from google, kindly share and comment below and remember to subscribe for next updates.

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