How to find blogger template name and theme authors of other blogspot sites

There is no other reason you would want to learn how to find blogger template name if not that you want to copy the theme because you loved it.

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At times when you visit some other blogspot sites and you also run a blogger blog, you won’t feel like using your template again probably because the other mans theme is super fast loading and it has some features you would want to copy to your site.

I have made alot of research to see if there’s any blogger template detector online tool, but i couldn’t find any online tools to detect and identity the blogger template name other websites are using. This feature is only applicable for WordPress.

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In this post, i will be showing you Simple step on how to know blogger template name of any blogger site for free without using any online tools. √To find blogger template name, follow below steps on your mobile phone or PC


How to Find Blogger Template Name

To find blogger template name , what you need is the theme author, Theme name, theme version and URL.

Once you are able to get all of these, you will be able to get the theme online either paid or free depending on the type of theme.


  • Visit the website you to find its template name. it must be a blogger site
  • Use Source Code Viewer to view the website URL.

  • Now Copy the entire code from your source code and paste it on your text Editor

  • From Your text Editor, Find Keywords like “Blogger Template”, “Blogger Theme”, “Blogger Template Style” etc and press “Enter”

  • Just like you can see from the below screenshot i searched for Blogger template Style and it shows as below.

    find blogger template name

  • Now copy the template name and the author Name and Find it on Google by typing them to your google search bar.

  • Am sure you will find the template readily made for download if it’s free. but in case it’s a premium template then you will have to buy it.

Why you can’t Find Blogger Template Name

Even after following the above steps, and you couldn’t find blogger template name and author name of the theme you’re looking for, it means the website owner has made some changes.

Some Website owners having understood the fact that others can use this trick to find blogger template name, they will then remove the original names and other related informations. In that case, you won’t be able to detect such themes unless you contact the site admin.

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